Twitter suspends board game designer eric lang


Twitter silences prolific board game designer & outspoken black Lives Matter advocate, Eric Lang, without any explanation or comment.

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After voicing tư vấn for the black Lives Matter movement, renowned board trò chơi designer, Eric Lang, has had his Twitter account suspended due to unknown reasons. Lang claims he had been the victim of a targeted harassment campaign, và that his suspension likely stems from using a chain-blocking program to lớn halt the personal attacks.

Lang has had a storied career in tabletop trò chơi design, working with developers such as Fantasy Flight & WizKids, where he has adapted high profile properties such as Star WarsGame of Thrones into board & card games. He currently serves as the trò chơi Director for CMON. Notably, he is also one of the few prominent members of the tabletop thiết kế community to lớn voice his wholehearted tư vấn for the đen Lives Matter movement; a topic that has been fraught for the gaming industry as a whole.

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Various video clip game publishers và developers lượt thích Square, Valve, Activision have come forward to voice their tư vấn of the black Lives Matter movement, & numerous gamers have joined in with surprising forms of activism. But many Twitter users have noted that the board trò chơi industry and associated design community have been conspicuously silent on the issue.

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The largest sea change to lớn come out of the tabletop space to date is Wizards of the Coast"s recent announcement that it will be radically reassessing the way race & diversity are presented in Dungeons & Dragons.

Known for popular titles such as Blood Rage, Rising Sun, Arcadia Quest, and more, Lang said that he became the target of a "scumbag serial harasser," but refused khổng lồ name his assailant to lớn deny them không tính phí publicity. Despite this omission, Lang"s claims seem extremely plausible.

Lang has a long track record of speaking out against bigotry, sexism, and social injustice, originally coming under fire for his outspoken criticism of the Gamergate movement, which has a history of being notoriously violent và viciously hostile toward detractors.

At time of writing, Twitter has not responded to lớn Lang"s inquiries as lớn why his trương mục was suspended, nor have they issued a statement on the subject.

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