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wolfgart files.* This method is for the original rom you run up thử nghiệm by which failed not stop at 2% or 49% or a low battery detector okay. * I have done successfully on the LG G3 plant F400L/S/K so I wrote this article to nói qua with you lớn protect your children"s G3.* tải về drawing tools. FlashTool v1.8.1 * File. Tottenham F400K V10B Files. DLL F400K F400L V10AFiles. DLL F400LF400S V10B Files. DLL F400SLatest drivers for LG - Down to copy the folder containing the file. Tottenham that you have downloaded the firmware for each and renamed with the name of the file EXACTLY. Tot that you down in the Now proceed: 1 / Put the download mode mode 2 / mix FlashTool v1.8.1. Let it run the default thiết đặt install to lớn C: LG LGFlashtool 3 / LGflashtool Crack Down on It is Megalock.dll file, copy it lớn the root of the LG Flash Tool thư mục in C: LG LgFlashtool 4 / Put G3 in download mode. Plugged into the computer. Open Device Manager khổng lồ make the picture below.

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5 / chú ý the COM port, the COM port you can be different, so follow the image below to lớn convert from any COM port to COM 41.

6 / LG Flash Tool open earlier you phối it up it will be one table, select all the items exactly as shown below (the machine running Win 7 + 8 select xuất hiện as Admin offline).

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press OK 7 / After you click OK, it will show you the following table and the yellow button.

8 / After the yellow button it will run as follows.

Games you wait 2-3 minutes for it lớn run 9 / After running it will appear as shown below:
10 / then you disconnect the USB cable connected khổng lồ your computer with G3, wait 5 seconds, then plug the cable, wait 5 seconds longer range it will run as follows:
Wait for it to lớn run, remember to lớn mind on tel will run until rebooot back, you still plug the cable, no cable pulled offline! When you reboot the machine on FlashTool G3 will appear as follows:

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