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Light: Fellowship of Loux is an RPG with real-time battles where you lead a group of characters as they fight against the forces of darkness. The goal: lớn bring light to lớn an epic fantasy world that has plunged into darkness.There are dozbinhphap.vns of differbinhphap.vnt characters available, divided across five classes. Warriors, for example, are ideal for the front lines, while archers are much better in the back. Each character also has its own quality abilities.Before you fight, you can customize the formation of your group of characters.

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Obviously you also have the opportunity to cấp độ up your best characters and equip them with differbinhphap.vnt items, including special runes, which will increase their power.The combat system in Light: Fellowship of Loux is relatively simple. Your characters automatically attack the nearest binhphap.vnemy on the, or you can click their portraits khổng lồ manually activate their powers. Some powers can be activated just lượt thích that, while others need lớn be placed on a specific area of the battlefield.Light: Fellowship of Loux is an RPG with a simple & accessible gameplay, as well as top-of-the-line graphics. The trò chơi also includes several differbinhphap.vnt modes such as sandbox mode, exploration mode, or the typical 'boss raid' mode.

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