Lineage 2m: 12


In this Lineage 2M guide, you will learn how to lớn tải về and install the game client on a PC via an official Purple emulator or di động devices running iOS & Android. Follow our instructions step by step, and then you shouldn’t have sầu any serious difficulties, because the game doesn’t even require a VPN khổng lồ start, although you may need it once.

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Download on AndroidThere are actually several ways, but the easiest way khổng lồ bởi vì that is lớn download through the Chinese TapTap app store, so let’s choose one.

Download the TapTap application from the official website through your Mobile device.


Start the TapTap. At the top, you will be taken to lớn the tìm kiếm field. Write there the name of the game – Lineage 2M.


You will see two versions of the game in the results. The one with the number 12 is the censored version with the rating “12+”. Choose a version with the number 19.

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Start loading the client by clicking on the “Install” button.


After installation, you can start the game. If you are transferred lớn Google Play, don’t worry – just cliông chồng baông xã.Then you will see the text in Korean. Cliông xã on the orange button.

On the next screen, the user agreement must be accepted. Only the first two conditions are mandatory, so check them & skip the rest. Click on the right button “Start”.


Now you need to login. You can login through your PlayNC account (we wrote about how to lớn create it in this guide), Google or Facebook. You can also log in as a guest, but in this case your progress will not be saved after the game is removed.


It may seem lượt thích the game’s freeze. Just wait a little bit. Next, you will be offered to download the game files. Click on the right orange button.

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