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Ahead of LoL patch 10.3 going live next week, Riot has revealed plans lớn nerf some of the MOBA game’s key AD carry Champions. Three marksman Champs, both new khổng lồ the roster & established, will see some pretty significant changes when February 5 rolls around – Senna, Miss Fortune, and Aphelios.

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First up, Senna, The Redeemer. The mystical marksman, who only arrived at the tail end of 2019 in LoL patch 9.22, already received a significant nerfbut now she’s back for another round of testing on the PBE. While the changes we’re seeing at the moment might not be final, it looks like Riot’s planning khổng lồ reduce the effectiveness of her Passive ability, Absolution.

The rate of soul drops Senna will be able lớn benefit from through taking down cannons has been massively reduced – the rate’s now a weeny 1.67%, down from 100% previously. Phew. She has also seen a bugfix in this patch, however. Her E ability Curse of the đen Mist has been altered so her allies in the mist won’t turn invisible temporarily if she dies using E anymore.

Aphelios’ nerf is perhaps unsurprising given League of Legends players recently voted him the most annoying LoL Champion, and he’s seen various nerfs since his fairly recent arrival in LoL patch 9.24. In the next update, his Calibrum marks range has been hit with a decrease – it’s now a phối at a maximum of 2,000 rather than infinite.

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10.3 Patch Preview with changes. Mostly done, there may be a few more tweaks before this goes live.

— Mark Yetter (
MarkYetter) January 28, 2020

Until now Aphelios has arguably been one of the best League of Legends Champions, but perhaps a little OP, so players will likely welcome the changes.

Last up, long-time Champ Miss Fortune’s baseline stats have been slapped with a nerf, with her attack speed per màn chơi now reduced from 3% to lớn 2.25%. That shouldn’t mean she’s significantly less powerful in the early stages of a match, but it levels her out against her powerful AoE ultimate & over the course of longer games.

If you’re keen to check out the most recent version of the live game, check out League of Legends patch 10.2. Lớn see what’s on the way, head lớn the LoL 10.3 patch notes – there’s a whole bunch of Champion balance changes on the way, and according lớn the League of Legends season 10 patch schedule, it’s due to lớn go live February 5.

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Carrie Talbot News editor

Published: Jan 30, 2020

Carrie is an RPG & open-world trò chơi fanatic, with more hours in Skyrim, The Witcher 3, and Divinity: Original Sin II than she"d care to lớn admit. She"s also pledged her soul to lớn the Fable gods lớn make Fable 4 arrive quicker.

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