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Logos these days have khổng lồ exist in more spaces than ever before. You might need lớn blow your logo up to lớn the kích cỡ of a billboard or shrink it down so that it fits within a URL bar. And in each of these scenarios, your hình ảnh sản phẩm must stay consistent & recognizable. That’s why it’s important to lớn plan ahead and consider each of the different biểu tượng logo sizes and logo dimensions early on in the thiết kế process.

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We’ll help you make sure your biểu tượng logo is kích thước just right! Kool Kids Bedding logo by artwithashley. Illustration by Orange Crush.

When we talk about hình ảnh sản phẩm sizes & dimensions, we are referring not only khổng lồ the physical kích cỡ but the shape and orientation of your logo. These can shift around along with your logo’s content (the icon, slogan and company name) depending on the context. In order khổng lồ help you optimize your logo sản phẩm for every setting, we’ve put together the following guide on the common hình ảnh sizes and dimensions for social media, print & web.

Common hình ảnh sản phẩm sizes and dimensions—

Logo sizes for social mediaLogo sizes websites & apps

Logo kích cỡ and dimension basics—

Logos often have to lớn be resized & reoriented when placed across websites, social media, merchandise, printed advertisements & so much more. In today’s digital age, your hình ảnh sản phẩm has lớn be ready for anything.

A biệu tượng công ty should adapt seamlessly in any context. Thiết kế by goopanic

Great logos will retain their integrity over any background và adapt to any kích thước without losing clarity. Khổng lồ get an idea of how you can achieve this, start with your design fundamentals.

Versatility, scalability, balance và proportion are some of the basic principles of logo sản phẩm design that apply directly to logo sản phẩm size. When shaping & orienting your own particular biệu tượng công ty for various sizing contexts, these will be your guiding lights. Like any aspect of design, sizing is no exact science, và it requires your best judgement depending on the kind of biệu tượng công ty you are working with.

That said, here are some best practices to keep in mind:

Your biệu tượng công ty should be legible at every size: The goal should be maintaining proportions no matter the destination.

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Sizing needs to lớn be consistent across various mediums: Your sizing choices across mediums need khổng lồ be consistent and reflect your brand voice.Horizontal, vertical và square: Your biểu tượng logo should be effective regardless of how it’s oriented và displayed.Brush up on tệp tin types: Vector files such as PDF or EPS are designed for effective scalability. Having your biểu tượng logo in vector format và using that as a starting point for resizing or reformatting is always a good idea.

At the over of the day, your logo sản phẩm should be sized in a way that it is readable, the right elements are emphasized, and it does not feel unsteady. Learn more about responsive logos and adaptable logos here.

Logo sizes for social media—

Social media allows your business to present itself khổng lồ clients and interact with them. For this reason, it’s especially important that your logo looks professional và attractive on social media, & this means that it needs lớn be optimized for every space—cover photos, banners, posts & profile pictures.

The logo’s icon can stand alone in the avatar space while the cover image can carry the weight of the full logo. Bonus points if your cover image interacts with your avatar in some way. Thiết kế by CREATIVE NINJA.

Some general tips when sizing logos for social media:

Plan ahead. Your company’s social media avatar needs to lớn be part of your brand kitFor the small avatar spaces, consider using only the logo’s iconEven though social truyền thông media platforms will accept smaller tệp tin sizes, make sure your tệp tin is big enough khổng lồ support unique resolution

Dimensions vary for logos across social truyền thông platforms (and sometimes even varies within those platforms), và that’s why we’ve put together a handy guide for the recommended biểu tượng logo sizes on social media:

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