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Monkey D. Luffy is the protagonist of Eiichiro Oda"s One Piece manga. Hailing from the East Blue, Luffy leads the Straw Hat Pirate crew & aims to lớn become the King of the Pirates. Over the years, Luffy has become one of the strongest people in the entire world và much of that is down to his Devil Fruit ability.

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Using the powers of the Gomu Gomu no Mi, Luffy has become a rubber person & his body allows him to access certain powers, known as Gears, when he needs them. With time, Luffy has developed Gears that make him strong enough lớn fight even the top-tiers of the verse on an equal footing.


Gear Second was created by Monkey D. Luffy during the Water Seven Saga of One Piece and was also the very first gear that he came up with. It debuted during Luffy"s fight against Blueno on the Tower of Law. Luffy came up with this after seeing the members of the CP9 use their feet to move extremely fast.

Although CP9 had years of training to pull this off, Luffy used his Devil Fruit powers to pump blood faster in his body and thus dope his body, giving him a surge of energy. Usage of this power nguồn also makes his sweat evaporate which gives the impression of steam coming off of his body. This power makes him incredibly fast & powerful, however, in terms of physical strength, it is certainly the weakest that Luffy has right now.


Also learned by Luffy during the same saga, Gear Third is another technique that drastically boosts Luffy"s power. To use this gear, Luffy bites his thumb and pumps air into his bones, making them huge & thus turning his limbs into those of actual Giants of the One Piece world. Expectedly, all the attacks that Luffy has in his Gear Third arsenal hit much harder than any average attack would.

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However, instead, he ends up sacrificing his speed. After the time-skip, Luffy overcame this drawback as he learned to control Gear Third better. At the same time, he also managed khổng lồ avoid shrinking after using this power. Gear Third, while strong, is still not Luffy"s most impressive weapon.


Gear Fourth is the strongest Gear of Luffy that he invented during his time at Ruskaina, the island of 48 seasons. There, under Rayleigh"s guidance, Luffy managed to lớn come up with a stronger technique, known as Gear Fourth. Tankman is one of the many forms of Gear Fourth that Luffy has developed.

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As the name suggests, this form of his focuses on defense and can tank a great giảm giá khuyến mãi of damage. In return, however, Luffy sacrifices his mobility as he isn"t able lớn move too much in this khung due to the mass. Interestingly, Tankman hasn"t been used in the story so far, however, another version of it, known as Gear Fourth: Tankman - Stuffed Version has debuted during the Whole Cake Island arc.


This form of Gear Fourth was used by Monkey D. Luffy during his fight against one of the Three Sweet Commanders of the Big Mom Pirates, Charlotte Cracker. During this fight, Luffy ate a tremendous amount of biscuits, thanks to Nami"s help, and became massive in size.

Not letting this nguồn go lớn waste, Luffy used Gear Fourth & entered the Stuffed Version of Tankman. As expected, this form packed a much greater defensive capability since Luffy was much bigger in size. It was strong enough lớn tank a direct attack from Charlotte Cracker & one-shot him with his counterattack, called Gomu Gomu no Cannonball, sending him miles away và knocking him unconscious for days.


Gear Fourth: Snakeman is one of the most impressive forms of Luffy that he used during his fight against villain Charlotte Katakuri, another one of the Sweet Commanders of the Big Mom Pirates. Unlike Tankman, this khung of his focuses more on speed & was designed lớn counter people with incredible Observation Haki.

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Even someone like Charlotte Katakuri, who could see the future with his Observation Haki, had trouble keeping up with its speed. All of Luffy"s attacks in Snakeman are ranged và hit the target in an unpredictable fashion. The weak point of this form is that it sacrifices the extra defense that Gear Fourth offers for additional speed.

The strongest khung of Luffy"s Gear Fourth so far remains lớn be Bounceman. This technique debuted during the Dressrosa arc when Luffy fought Doflamingo and since then, has become his go-to Gear Fourth form. Although it isn"t as tanky as Tankman or as fast as Snakeman, it manages to lớn find the right balance between the two.

Bounceman makes use of elasticity that comes from the heavy contraction of rubber due khổng lồ Haki và thus launches attacks carrying great power behind them. It also allows Luffy khổng lồ fly using the same principle, giving him yet another dimension during fights. Bounceman is incredibly powerful và its raw power was enough to send even Kaido flying with a Kong Organ, although the Yonko took no damage due khổng lồ Luffy"s weak Haki.

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