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This is Apple’s 2008 aluminum unibody MacBook, model A1278. It replaced the trắng polycarbonate MacBook, but was itself replaced by, or rather rebranded as, the laptop macbook Pro, which was more or less the same computer1.

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Apple introduced this magnificent apple macbook on October 14, 2008, and produced them until June 8, 2009. Và it was one of Apple’s best notebooks ever. It had a fantastic keyboard, and many comfy extras that today’s skinny laptop apple macbook owners can only dream about, from a battery indicator light khổng lồ an almost hot-swappable hard drive (or SSD).

It’s so good that it’s still viable today as a daily driver, with the added bonus that its weight will help keep you fit during lockdown. How vì I know? Because I have one right here, và I use it for music recording and production. I’m also using it to write this article. I thought, as my last post for Cult of Mac, that I’d đánh giá the 2008 unibody laptop macbook as if it were new. Let’s go.

Twelve years is an absurdly long life for a laptop. I wonder if today’s models will last as long. One of the main reasons this particular unit lasted as long as it has — used over the years by several owners, & left to hibernate for a few years after that — is that it can be easily repaired và upgraded. But I’ll get into that in a moment, because I’ve done quite a few upgrades over the years.

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First, let’s see the specs:

2.4GHz Intel core 2 Duo4GB 1067 MHz DDR3 RAMNvidia GeForce 9400M with 256MB13.3-inch LCD, 1,280 by 800 display

The most recent OS possible lớn run on this machine is OS X 10.11.6 El Capitan, which is limiting in terms of the software you can run (no xúc tích Pro X). However, it’s no hindrance in everyday use. It also means that the OS is called OS X, not macOS, which is nice.

Even the hard drive is easy to lớn replace.Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

If you open up this MacBook, it’s surprising how much space there is inside. I mean, components are packed in there, but nowhere near as packed as a modern MacBook.

Think of this as a homemade cheese sandwich, on fluffy white sourdough bread, & a few loose leaves of lettuce perched on the crumbling cheese. In comparison, the modern Mac is a pastrami sandwich from a thủ đô new york street deli, packed with far too much meat, & with no space left for even a drop of mustard.

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