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march /mɑ:tʃ/ danh từ March mon ba (quân sự) cuộc hành quân; chặng đường hành quân (trong 1 thời gian...); bước tiến (hành quân)a line of march: con đường hành quânto be on the march: đã hành quâna day"s march: chặng đường hành quân vào một ngàya march past: cuộc điều hành qua (nghĩa bóng) sự tiến triển, sự trôi đithe march of events: sự tiến triển của việc việcthe march of time: sự trôi đi của thời gian hành khúc, khúc quân hành ngoại hễ từ mang đến (quân đội...) diễu hành đưa đi, bắt đithe policemen march the arrested man off: công an gửi người bị tóm gọn đi nội cồn từ đi, bước đều; diễu hành (quân sự) hành quânto march off bước đi, bỏ đito march out bước đi, đi rato march past diễu hành qua danh từ bờ cõi, biên cương biên thuỳ nội rượu cồn từ giáp giới, ở giáp bờ cõi, nghỉ ngơi tiếp biên giới Vietnam marches with China: Việt-nam gần kề giới với Trungquốc
tháng balong march: tháng cha dài


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Từ điển Collocation

march noun

1 movement/journey

ADJ. long | brisk | steady | forced | approach They reached the enemy position after an arduous approach march. | fifty-mile, four-day, etc. | two hours, half a day"s, etc. The camp was half a day"s march away. | northward, southward, etc. | forward, onward (figurative) the forward march of technology | inevitable, inexorable (figurative) the inexorable march of time

VERB + MARCH begin, mix off on The army phối off on a forced march towards Berlin.

PREP. on the ~ The army has been on the march for two weeks | ~ from the march from Paris to Brittany | ~ of a march of over 30 miles (figurative) the march of history/progress/science | ~ to, ~ towards (figurative) the steady march towards equality

PHRASES line of march Villages in the army"s line of march were burned lớn the ground. | a … march away The border was still a day"s march away. | the march eastward, westward, etc.

2 organized walk

ADJ. hunger, peace, protest, victory | anti-racism, pro-democracy, etc.

VERB + MARCH hold, organize, stage | lead | be on, go on, join in, take part in | halt, stop The farmers halted the march outside the Ministry of Agriculture. | break up The march was broken up by police in riot gear.

MARCH + VERB mark sth a march marking the thirtieth anniversary of the shootings

PREP. at/on a/the ~ There were in excess of 100,000 people at the march. | ~ against a march against racism | ~ for a march for the victims of the war | ~ from, ~ of a march of over 6,000 people | ~ lớn

PHRASES a march past There will be a special march past of competitors.

3 music

ADJ. military | funeral, wedding

VERB + MARCH compose | play | strike up The orchestra struck up a military march.

Từ điển WordNet


a steady advance

the march of science

the march of time

a procession of people walking together

the march went up Fifth Avenue


force lớn march

The Japanese marched their prisoners through Manchuria

walk fast, with regular or measured steps; walk with a stride

He marched into the classroom and announced the exam

The soldiers marched across the border

cause to lớn march or go at a marching pace

They marched the mules into the desert

English Synonym and Antonym Dictionary

Marches|marches|marched|marchingsyn.: hike parade tramp walkant.: halt stop

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