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Is it proper to lớn use "like" in this way: "I be lượt thích "how is this possible""? Shouldn"t it be "I was lượt thích "how is this possible""?



It"s either the rarely used subjunctive sầu or it"s US urban slang for "I feel" or "I said."

In the following sentence

If I be like a melody, it could only be a John Cage sonata.

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the verb is in the present subjunctive to lớn indicate doubt or unrealized condition. But notoàn thân uses this construct today, if at all, and certainly not in conversation.

In urban vernacular, "I be" takes the place of "I am" or "I was" or "I said," so "I be like" means roughly "This is how I feel" or "This is what I said." For a combination, I quote the lyrics of "Blah Blah Blah" by Rich Homie Quan:

When she try to argue with me I be like, “Blah blah blah blah”

(I hope you don"t need me lớn explain rap lyrics further.)

Part of the point is that it"s nonstandard.

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