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Mega Man 11 is an action-based adventure game that is played as a platform game. The developer và publisher of this trò chơi are Capcom. The trò chơi is an addition to lớn the original series of Mega Man. It was launched all over the world for platforms including PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch in October back in the year 2018. The trò chơi brought back different features like 2.5 D graphics design và voice acting from the earlier games all through the franchise of Mega Man. 

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What is the game about?

Mega Man 11 is known for retaining the style of gameplay from the primary Mega Man game series. It showcases a 2.5 chiều style of graphics with a character of 3D and polygonal as well as environments of 2D. The players can try controlling the Mega Man while trying khổng lồ obstruct Dr. Wily from making use of his double gear mechanics that was invented several years before the time when he used lớn study at the Robot University.

The players are made to lớn undergo travelling through different stages which are eight in the linear count. It can be selected randomly in any way seen by the player. They all have to lớn confront the newest of Dr. Wily known as Robot Masters which includes the Fuse Man, Block Man, Acid Man, Blast Man, Torch Man, Tundra Man, & Impact Man called the Pile Nan in the entire part of Japan. Inclusion was also the tỷ lệ thoát Man called by the name Rubber Man in Japan. 


The Mega Man has the potential of performing different basic movies lượt thích the Mega Buster as well as a slide which can be recharged và can try obtaining new weapons after the defeat of the Robot Master leaders towards the end of every level. Distinctive khổng lồ this game is the mechanism of double gear which can grant Mega Man two extra capabilities: The nguồn gear & speed gear. The speed gear allows the Mega Man khổng lồ slow the time, helping him in dodging the attacks, whereas the nguồn gear helps him increase the power of attack of the weapons of the Mega Man letting him shoot two different high charged slots parallel or maybe a single one at a time which had high power.

 Although it has a limit featured by a sign located above the head of Mega man so if the Mega Man makes high usage of them, he will get heated up which will further make it difficult for him khổng lồ use it for the second time until few minutes. When the health of Mega Man is low, he can try activating the double gears at once, slow the time và also perform a high-charged slot.

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You can use this just once which can leave the Mega Man a weekend just after the expiration of the limit. He just cannot charge the different shots, can try firing only a single bullet at a time, & can contain just a single unit of energy present in life. He then makes the next hit which might become dangerous for him & also the period of cool down when he is not able to lớn make use of the gears because of the high strain that he has in. 

The trò chơi shows many extra features lượt thích Missions, Time Trials, International Leaderboards, a gallery of characters and so much more. The game also showcases the settings of difficulty, which was viewed last in the Mega Man 10, extending khổng lồ them for a sum of four, Casual, Newcomer, Superhero, & Normal. The version of the game for Nintendo is supportive of Amiibo which is used for unlocking different items in the game. 

Main features of the game 

If you have played any title of the game earlier, you must know about the features of this trò chơi series. However, there are some added features of exclusively this game which you must know. So, take a look at the features of this game mentioned below: 


Speed Gear 

This mechanism includes some varied options to the formula of the classic Mega Man series. Your speed gear is not only a safety. Different leaders & levels have the potential that cannot be dodged easily. It is explained why you should use the speed Gear for helping in the prevention of the game. It continues to lớn juggle amidst the Speed & Power gears which can make sure that no overheat is added lớn create an additional layer of complications that can help the Mega Man 11 in creating a recognition that is much more than a nostalgic retread.

Hence, this was all the information that you must have about the Mega Man 11 game. It is an outstanding game to play. You can play it on any gaming platform for free. So, if you are a tín đồ of action-adventure games, this trò chơi is a must-try for you. 

Mega Man 11 PC game Download

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Mega Man 11
6 September 2018
Masakazu Eguchi

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