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With over 5 million users worldwide, is a trusted email marketing solution to lớn send personalized mass emails with Gmail. Track your results in real time và follow up easily lớn get more replies.

5-stars Rated 4.9/5 out of 10,000+ review


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Why is recommended by Google itself as a market-leading emailing platform. Your emailing experience is made effortless và designed khổng lồ respect your privacy.


Save time sending emails with Gmail.


Make sure your emails land in the Inbox.


Designed to lớn respect your privacy.


The complete email marketing solution for Gmail is easy lớn use yet powerful. Its intuitive interface helps you grow your email outreach efforts by achieving better deliverability rates, improved engagements, và higher conversions.

With advanced features lượt thích personalization, schedule send, autopilot, BounceShield, follow-up, & many more, you can focus on creating compelling emails. See all features →

Works the way you work

We understand that you have quality needs. That"s why we"ve designed to work with the way you work, whether you prefer lớn use Google Sheets, your email inbox, or the Dashboard. integrates seamlessly with your existing workflow. So you can easily track, manage, and fine-tune your email campaigns anytime & from everywhere. Get started →


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Recommended by Google is proud to lớn be recommended by Google as a market-leading application lớn help you get work done.

This recognition results from years of effort to lớn create a stunning application natively integrated with Google Workspace products, such as Gmail và Google Sheets. Learn more on Blog →

Join 5 million professionals

Companies & organizations from all over the world trust Read all reviews.

One of the best email kinh doanh tool to send personalize emails to lớn maximum number of contacts in a given time. I love that I can customize each thư điện tử with specific details, và the real-time tracking and follow-up features have been incredibly useful.

This truly is an AWESOME product for anyone who lives in the Google Suite lượt thích I do. It really helps keep small prospecting or 1-off group emailing efforts super organized & efficient. is the PERFECT additional tool in the toolbox lớn shoot out any short-term or batch type of email outreach.

...Perhaps the most valuable aspect of is the ability khổng lồ track results in real-time & follow up easily lớn get more replies. In the past, I would send out a batch of emails và hope for the best, never really knowing if my messages were being read or if anyone was interested in my services. With, I can see exactly who has opened my emails, who has clicked on links, & who has replied. This allows me khổng lồ follow up with those who have shown the most interest, answer any questions they may have, and ultimately close more deals. has quickly become an indispensable tool for our team. What sets it apart from other e-mail platforms is its ability khổng lồ create personalized mass emails that make our recipients feel truly special, rather than just another name on an email list. Unlike other platforms lượt thích Mailchimp, doesn"t require any special permissions or access to lớn our private inbox data, making it both safe và easy to use. If you"re looking for an effective and user-friendly thư điện tử platform, is definitely worth checking out.

I am an old user of and use it mainly for outreach purpose to find links building opportunities for my clients. I feel that it is a hidden gem which deserves much recognition than what it is enjoying right now. Sending bulk e-mail through is a breeze, & it saves so much time. Moreover, the mail delivery is always on the spot & nobody can realize that the message he or she receives is part of a mail merge email. This is personalization at its best.

A cut above the rest of the tin nhắn mail merge add-ons available. Super easy to lớn use và a generous free plan. Plus, importantly, it doesn"t request permission khổng lồ read my emails.

Up to 2000 emails per day tự động follow ups & sequences thư điện tử tracking in real time Deliverabily boost with Autopilot Protection against bounces HTML templates Team management Schedule send, attachments files, aliases & more!

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