Xiaomi mi smart band 4c

The new Xiaomi mi Band 4c brings a combination of features from the mi Band 4 and Mi Band 5. Kiểm tra it out.

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There’s a new mi Band on the block.It’s called the ngươi Band 4C and combines features from the ngươi Band 4 & Mi Band 5.It could launch in more countries soon.
The long-awaited Xiaomi ngươi Band 4C aka the mi Smart Band 4C is here. The fitness tracker basically combines the best of the ngươi Band 4 và Mi Band 5 in an even cheaper package.

Xiaomi has launched the ngươi Band 4C in Malaysia for now, but according to TizenHelp the fitness tracker should soon be released in other countries as well. Even in Malaysia, mi has launched the global variant of the mi Band 4C so you can mix the language as English or any other international language of your choice.

Xiaomi ngươi Band 4C specs and features


So what’s different about the ngươi Band 4C? For starters, it’s easily distinguishable from the mày Band 4 as well as the ngươi Band 5. It doesn’t have the oval AMOLED display và instead opts for a 1.08-inch rectangular TFT screen. It’s still a màu sắc display so that’s good.

Surprisingly, the new ngươi Band 4C packs a bigger battery than both the ngươi Band 4 và Mi Band 5. The capacity is mix at 130mAh, but it promises a 14-day battery life in comparison to the 20-day runtime offered by the mi Band 4 and 5.

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In terms of activity tracking, the mi Band 4C gives you all the basics such as step-count, distance, calories, 24/7 heart-rate monitoring, và sleep monitoring. You also get five sports modes, namely outdoor running, exercising, cycling, treadmill, and fast walking.

In comparison, the ngươi Band 5 offers additional sports tracking modes for swimming, jump rope, yoga, & more. The mày Band 4 though has only one additional sports mode compared lớn the ngươi Band 4C and that’s swim tracking.

Just lượt thích the other recent mi Bands, the ngươi Band 4C is also 5ATM water-resistant and supports notification alerts as well as music controls.

All in all, the new Xiaomi ngươi Band 4C sounds like a pretty promising fitness tracker. It doesn’t seem to cut many corners compared lớn other mày Bands and that’s commendable. The cherry on the top is its price which is even cheaper than the mày Band 4 và 5.

Xiaomi mi Band 4C price

The Xiaomi mày Band 4C is priced at 99 Malaysian Ringgit (~$23). By contrast, the mày Band 5 starts at 189 yuan (~$26) và goes up khổng lồ 229 yuan (~$32.38), while the mày Band 4 can be purchased right now for $31.74. So this technically makes the mày Band 4C the cheapest of the lot. We’re not sure what its global pricing will be, but rest assured it wouldn’t be pricier than the mày Band 4 or 5.

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