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From book 3, second ministory


Sengoku: Garp!

Luffy và Garp: Snooore

Sengoku: Huuh? Falling a sleep at a time lượt thích this!?


SFX: Chatter chatter

Usomi: Finding Traffy from this place is going lớn be difficult..

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Franji: Should we try asking around?

Lufranky và Chobin: Ooii Traffyyy!!


Lufranky: This brings me back! When we were children we used to catch tree sparrows lượt thích this, but with acorns!

acorn acorn acorn acorn

Usomi: Yeah! I never managed to lớn catch any though..

Chobin: Ah! Someone’s coming! Everyone, hide quickly!


Everyone: He didn’t notice us at all..

Nababrook: Now!! Yes, we caught him!!

Usomi và Sanzo: E-easy..

Law: Tch.. Such a clever trap..

Everyone: WHERE?!?


Nami: Can’t you imagine what awful things could happen if you’re not in your own body? You too could end up in a lot of trouble if you were in a wrong body toàn thân and ran into the wrong person..

Nami: lượt thích Dof-

Law: Yes! It was my mistake!!


Law: My bad, I won’t bởi it again..

Nami: For example Dofla-

Law: I’m so incredibly sorry!! Forgive my actions!

Nami: Well, if you change bodies with Duval, we’ll forgive you


Chobin: No.. I can’t fight with Robin’s powers at all..

Roffy: and I cannot use Luffy’s powers..

Usomi: WHAT

Usomi: Even though it looks like Luffy, I cannot rely on it at all! I feel no motivation coming from you! Zero motivation!

Roffy: Gear zero.

Usomi: Don’t you even go there!!

Navy: Yes! We managed to catch the Straw Hat captain và the Devil Child Nico Robin!

Chobin: Gyaah! Damnit!

Roffy: Ouchie.

Usomi: Chopper! Robin! Oi Brook, this is a pretty bad situation, isn’t it..

Bropp: Eh..

Bropp: Nami-san is at 0 degrees.. Luffy-san’s gone, Zoro-san & Sanji-san are fighting each other..! Usopp-san, we are in a Pinch!!


Jerry: Two years ago, from the day I lost khổng lồ you! I’ve been training in the island where Judo enthusiastics gather!

Whenever training got too hard, I kept thinking forward to lớn this day!

After days & days of fierce training, this day has finally arrived!

Here I am, standing at the top of the Judo island, now, I finally am..!


Navy: Whaaat?? He defeated the Cipher Pol helper so easily?!

Sanzo: Chopper! Robin-chan!

Chobin: Sanji!

Sanzo: Wait for me, I’ll save you now!

Poêle à Frire; Marimo Spectre!!

Navy: *painful anime noises*


Navy: It’s a robot!! A robot has appeared! So cool!!

Franji: Is that.. Luffy?

Usomi và Chobin: It’s General Franky!!

Lufranky: Sorry for the hold up you guys! I’m going all out now!!

General Weight! General Weight!!

Navy: What is this technique?!


Chobin: Luffy is so cool!

Franji: We’re finished here at Sunny’s side as well.

Bropp: Huh, Somehow we won..

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So yeah, I bought the first 4 ONE PIECE các buổi tiệc nhỏ mangas from Japan, and started translating them to myself because I couldn’t really find all of them translated. Meanwhile I thought that I’d translate some to lớn as well, if anyone else is as thirsty as me for ONE PIECE content.. Anyway, I’m not insanely good in japanese, so if you notice mistakes, vì chưng tell me, I’m trying khổng lồ study it more to lớn be able to read more easily.

This is the minicomic from the back cover of the second book.


Luffy: Hm? What are you guys drinking?

Nami: A fruit smoothie. Sanji-kun made it for me.

Robin: It’s now in fashion.

Luffy: Okay! Then I too will be fashionable và make a smoothie!

Chopper: Luffy! Make one for me too!

Luffy: Meat smoothie is not good…

Usopp: Meat smoothie!? What even is that!! Don’t drink anything that looks so sketchy!!

Zoro: Make me one out of sake, idiot.

Sanji: Make it yourself, moron.

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Law: Shambles

Next morning



Nami: Phuaah! I accidentally ate a Tabasco star!! Water!!

Zoro: Oi Luffy! The soup that was cooking overnight, why is all gone down khổng lồ the last drop?!! You are the culprit, aren’t you!!

Sanji: AW! You guys are so loud! I’m feeling SUUPER right from the morning!!



Robin: Gyaah!

Nami: Danger!!

Luffy: How troublesome.

Voice: why is this one calmly drinking tea?!

Franky: Okay! For the time being, let’s look at the situation..



Lufranky: Franky is in Sanji’s

And Brook is in Usopp’s body, right!

Lufranky: I see, I see..

Sanzo: That damn Law!! Absolutely unforgivable! Out of all things he put me in Marimo’s body! I can’t stop the hives from breaking out!!

Zopper: sigh

Usomi: So, what are we going lớn do, Luffy!?

Lufranky: *Is thinking..*



ONE PIECE PARTY, back cover from the fourth book.


Luffy: Ah, this is a lively town!

Chopper: There’s a lot of people here!

Nami: Ah? Isn’t that person over there Vivi?

Luffy: Vivi? There’s so much people here, I can’t see properly.

Sanji: !! That hair colour! The shine! The length! The gorgeous waves!

Sanji: No mistake, it’s Vivi-chan!

Luffy: Heeey~! Vivi!!

Buggy: Hm? Did you gọi me?

Luffy: It’s Buggy after all!

Buggy: Owww

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ONE PIECE PARTY, first mini story from the first book.

Omake manga corner

Caesar: Against the Land of the dead (Shinokuni), it doesn’t matter if you have 400 million bounty..

Luffy: Whoa!

Caesar: Or if you are Navy’s vice admiral!!

Caesar: Not even one of the seven warlords can vì chưng anything!

Caesar: Now, let the world see proof of it!!

Chopper: Wh-Whoaa!! What should I do, what should I do?

Chopper: What can I bởi to help Luffy and the others?

Chopper: Wah!

Chopper: Eh, paper? But who..?

On the paper: Dressroba (Gag from One piece chapter 700, Dressroba meaning an old woman in a dress)

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ONE PIECE PARTY, the third mini story from book 1

Omake manga corner

Sabo: I won’t let you have the Flame Flame Fruit…

Sabo: Long time no see, Luffy…!

Luffy: Huh?? You’re Sabo, you say?? Lies!

Luffy: Sabo died long time ago!

Luffy: Besides, the Sabo I knew looked WAY different!!

Sabo: I can’t be helped then.. In that case..

Sabo: How’s this?

※ He’s wearing a buzzcut wig & a blackened tooth

Luffy: *over the top anime reaction*

Sabo: So slow!! You seriously didn’t recognize it was me before that?!

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