How was mitsuki made in boruto? the life of orochimaru"s son explained


Mitsuki has played an interesting role in Boruto"s story so far. Will he stay important, or become more of a supporting character?

Ever since Kawaki was introduced và added to lớn Team 7, Mitsuki has felt more lượt thích a third wheel in Boruto. This has been especially apparent in the manga, as the last few chapters have diverted away from Team 7 as a unit and focused more on Boruto và Kawaki separately.

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In spite of that, he has a great degree of untapped potential and may over up being one of the story's most important characters as time goes on. From his increasing power to his coming khổng lồ terms with his origins and parentage, here's what can be expected from Mitsuki going forward.

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Improving His Powers


Mitsuki is a synthetic clone of Orochimaru, who treats him like a son, & therefore shares many of the same powers as him. These includie the ability to lớn manipulate snakes, stretch various parts of his body, & a mastery of the Wind Style: Immense Breakthrough Jutsu. That said, there are some key differences in the way they fight. Firstly, Mitsuki differs from Orochimaru in his frequent use of Lightning-Style Jutsu, which he uses just as if not more often than Wind Style. Mitsuki also seems to lớn lack Orochimaru's near-instant regenerative capabilities (although he can regenerate over a longer period of time), and his ability to lớn transform into a snake-like form. That said, his nguồn far exceeds his rank as a Genin, with him only failing the most Chunin Exams because he didn't make it to lớn the venue in time.

The best indication for Mitsuki's power is in his ability to lớn use Sage Mode, which increases his power and speed drastically. Unfortunately, Mitsuki has not yet mastered the technique, & it puts a massive strain on his body, to lớn the point that Orochimaru has warned him not lớn use it. When using Sage Mode however, Mitsuki was fast enough to lớn steal a key from Orochimaru before he noticed và escape from Deepa, an inner of Kara. In the future, Mitsuki's power will probably increase exponentially, and he may end up figuring out a way khổng lồ use Sage Mode without risking his health. His regenerative abilities may also increase to lớn more resemble Orochimaru's. If he manages lớn achieve near-immortality lượt thích his father as well as master Sage Mode, Mitsuki may become one of the most powerful characters in the series.

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Due lớn his artificial origin & upbringing, Mitsuki is incredibly unsure about his purpose and reason for existing, và much of his evolution as a character has been about discovering these things through his relationship with his teammates. Mitsuki's status as Orochimaru's son also makes his status as a Leaf Genin somewhat precarious, he was afraid that exposing his Sage Mode would cause him khổng lồ be considered a threat by the village & that he would have khổng lồ leave it. This is understandable, as Orochimaru was once the Leaf's most formidable enemy, and Naruto's decision to lớn let him into the village is met with skepticism and consternation from the Leaf Elders and Tsunade. That said, unlike Kawaki, who is shown lớn be a villain in the Time Skip, Mitsuki seems unlikely at this point to abandon the village like his father once did. More aptly, he doesn't seem likely khổng lồ abandon his friends, having come lớn care deeply about Boruto & Sarada and risking his life on multiple occasions khổng lồ save theirs.

Orochimaru's ambitions in Boruto are also somewhat unclear. While he is watched by the village constantly, he aligns with them against Kara & previously against the Akatsuki. That said, his past as a villain doesn't preclude that his will may conflict with the Leaf's at some point in the future. Mitsuki would have lớn make a difficult choice about his own alignment in this scenario. Even if Orochimaru remains allied to the Leaf, it's unclear how much Mitsuki knows about his father's past, aside from the fact that his own position in the village is tenuous.

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Similar to Sarada's lack of knowledge about Sasuke's criminal past, Mitsuki's opinion about his father and his own reason for existing may change if the extent of Orochimaru's misdeeds becomes clear to him. Although it shouldn't be the desired path, the Naruto franchise has a history of relegating once-important characters to the sidelines of history, as was the case was for Rock Lee in Naruto Shippuden. Mitsuki, who was indisputably a main character prior lớn Kawaki's introduction, may start to feel more lượt thích a supporting character as the series goes on, especially based on recent chapters and the fact that Boruto's new situation (being a target for sacrifice to the Divine Tree by Code) is hidden from him.

This would be a gross miscalculation by Masashi Kishimoto. Mitsuki's origin & quest for a sense of purpose make him one of Boruto's best characters, & his nguồn is nothing to lớn scoff at. That's nothing to say for his future potential, which may well outstrip Orochimaru và many of the series' most powerful characters. Each member of the current Team 7 has the potential for gratifying và spectacular development, & Mitsuki deserves to lớn be a part of that journey.

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