Ets2 map mods 2.55 has released meaning you can now drive sầu with the Iberia DLC. At this moment, no work has been merged in yet, you can read more about that below. It’s also possible to play 2.55 without Iberia; although you will lose Spain, 2.55 also brings many bug fixes and improvements.

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What’s happening to Spain & Andorra?

The plan is to lớn return as much of Spain as possible aside from old and dated areas such as Barcelomãng cầu. Currently the highest priority is bringing baông xã Andorra, where work has already begun connecting it to the new DLC content. After the merge is completed we hope lớn start improving & expanding the DLC.Currently there are no pictures to tóm tắt, so stay tuned for future updates! Iberia DLC Prefab AI Fix


In the meantime, MandelSoft has put together a fix lớn improve sầu AI behaviour on some of the prefabs in the Iberia DLC. Have sầu you noticed problems with the AI taking weird paths, for example when approaching toll stations? Download the fix here! Eventually this will be integrated into the main bản đồ, but for now it is an independent fix which should work with or without the maps.

That’s it, we’ll make sure lớn keep you updated on our Discord hệ thống, Twitter, Instagram và Facebook page with some exciting development updates. Happy trucking!


Posted on April 7, 2021 | by Stummer | 2 Comments on 30,000 YouTube Subscribers, 1.40 Compatibility Releases & more!

It’s been a while since the last, & with the first three months of 2021 already behind us it’s high time we looked baông xã at some recent milestones và our 1.40-compatible releases. Finally, read to lớn the over for some teasers of what’s khổng lồ come in both ETS2 và ATS!

We recently reached 30,000 subscribers on our YouTube channel, an especially impressive milestone considering we crossed đôi mươi,000 almost exactly one year earlier. Make sure khổng lồ subscribe for development updates, livestreams, and of course our official teaser trailers. Our other social truyền thông channels also continue to lớn grow apace. We reached trăng tròn,000 Twitter followers and đôi mươi,000 members on our Discord server back in January — Discord is the best platkhung for keeping right up khổng lồ date with development & getting more involved in the community. And while you’re at it, don’t forget our Facebook page và Instagram!

SCS recently updated both games, American Truck Simulator và triệu Euro Truông chồng Simulator 2, to lớn version 1.40. The main challenge for the compatibility updates of our maps was the completely overhauled lighting system in both games. We had to lớn adjust all of our light hookups (sources) and self-illuminating textures to lớn be balanced in the new system, as well as readjusting the climate files khổng lồ match with the new skyboxes. ETS2 2.52

As well as allowing you to lớn enjoy our bản đồ in the new lighting system, 2.52 contains a scattering of additions and rebuilds in Germany, the UK, France, Icelvà và more! Furthermore, the Middle East Add-on sees new cities & roads in Iraq, Turkey and Jordan. Take a look at the details:

* Canada 1.0.1

This is a pure compatibility update, as well as fixing the bugs reported in version 1.0.0. But don’t worry, we are working hard to lớn expand our Canadomain authority map!

Trailer & Company Paông xã 1.28 and Cabin Accessories Pachồng 1.14

Our TCP và CAP.. add-ons for ETS2 have sầu also been updated for game version 1.40.

Upcoming nội dung teasers

2.52 is only the beginning of new nội dung coming this year across both triệu Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truông chồng Simulator. The team has been working hard on many projects, big & small. We’ve sầu decided to lớn give you a few teasers lớn get you excited about what’s coming up!

Canadomain authority Sounds

With the new sound system added, Sam, along with other developers, have sầu been hard at work adding it inkhổng lồ both our ETS2 and ATS maps. Below you can see a pReview of the new sounds being added around Canada:

These will appear in the next Canada update.

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Well that’s it folks, there’s a lot to look forward lớn, make sure to lớn keep an eye out on our social truyền thông media for announcements và upcoming development news!

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Posted on December 7, 2020 | by Stummer | 14 Comments on Canada: A New Country Has Arrived

It took us a few years, but finally we are here.’ first official thủ thuật for American Truông chồng Simulator, Canada, has been released. After working hard for the past two years we are proud lớn present our hard work for everyone to lớn enjoy.

In this first version, players can enjoy the roads of British Columbia. With thirteen new cities and several new roads, we have sầu made a solid start in a project with huge potential for growth. Varying from highways to lớn country roads, villages lớn cities, & coastlines to lớn mountains, this hack already demonstrates how much Canada’s westernmost province has to offer you.

And not only you, by yourself. No, Canadomain authority has been supported from the first minute on the ATS servers from our dear friends, TruckersMPhường. We have sầu seen many people explore these new roads, together with their friends. It has even caused queues at the borders, like in real life!

So what is next? Are we done with ATS? Of course not! As with our ETS2 project, we will keep working on the thủ thuật. We still have sầu many ideas and plans for the future. Our goal is khổng lồ keep expanding Canadomain authority, towards both the north & the east. If you are interested in these developments, make sure you follow our socials and join the discussion on our forums.

We, the team, hope you will enjoy our newest creation! Canada 1.0 Trailer Skin Pack

Being able khổng lồ release our first ATS gian lận is a big milestone for us. So to that over, & just like with 2.5 for ETS2, our add-on developer tkk7406 has made more trailer skins featuring various locations from our version of Canada. Each trailer length features a chất lượng combination of screenshots, và there is a skin available for all box & tank trailers in-game, so now you can also add a taste of Canada to your fleet!

Seeing how successful the 2.5 trailers were, this time we pushed the boat out and collaborated with even more of our promotion partners. As you may have seen from the recent Canada streams and videos, tkk7406 worked with Fox On The Box and Wombat Trucker as well as Clumsy and Squirrel to lớn create dedicated trailer skins for each promoter and their fans lớn use.

You’ll be able to find all the trailer skins in the Steam Workcửa hàng, including the main skin paông chồng, as well as Fox On The Box’s skin, Wombat Trucker’s skin, Clumsy’s skin, and Squirrel’s skin. So don’t miss the chance khổng lồ spice up your trailers with some celebratory Canada skins!

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