Play the world"s number 1 online action game. Engage in an incredibly realistic brand of terrorist warfare in this wildly popular team-based game. Ally with teammates to complete strategic missions. Take out enemy sites. Rescue hostages. Your role affects your team"s success. Your team"s success affects your role.

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StatusReleasedEarly AccessComing SoonUnreleased GenreAction - First Person Shooter - Third Person Shooter - Tactical Shooter - Fighting - Arcade - StealthAdventure - Adventure - Platformer - Point và Click - Visual NovelDriving - Racing - oto CombatRPG - Role Playing - Roguelike - thủ thuật "n" Slash - buổi tiệc nhỏ BasedStrategy - Real Time Strategy - Real Time Shooter - Real Time Tactics - Turn Based Strategy - Turn Based Tactics - Tower Defense - Grand Strategy - 4X - MOBASport - Baseball - Basketball - Football - Golf - Hockey - Soccer - Wrestling - SportSimulation - Combat Sim - Futuristic Sim - Realistic SimPuzzle - Cinematic - Educational - Family - tiệc nhỏ - Rhythm - TCG/CCG thẻ Game - Virtual Life - Puzzle ThemeAbstractAnimeAntiquityComedyComicEducationFantasyFighterHistoryHorrorMafiaMedievalMovieMusicNatureNoirePirateRealismSci-FiSurvivalSportWarWestern PlayersSingle PlayerMultiplayerCo-opMMO Date addedPast 24hoursPast weekPast monthPast yearYear or older

Counter-Strike: DeluxeMay 15 2023TBD Tactical Shooter

This modification is a Counter-Strike tín đồ version & replaces some sounds & models. The modification will be updated, và special reports will be released...

HellStrike - Modified CombatApr 23 2023Early Access Oct 2021 First Person Shooter

HellStrike is a hardcore tactical conversion of Counter-Strike 1.6 that overhauls almost every aspect of the game --from shooting lớn movement, khổng lồ gun...

Counter Strike 1.6 Ragdoll (Physics)Apr 5 2023Early Access Mar 16, 2023 First Person Shooter

Based on "metahooksv" meaning all goldsource trò chơi that has .mdl is support

ReCounter StrikeApr 3 2023Released Nov 2021 First Person Shooter

ReCounter Strike, the improved version of Counter Strike 1.6

Real SandboxFeb đôi mươi 2023Released Feb 20, 2023 First Person Shooter

This is a mod that allows you to tải về addons so that unnecessary files vị not interfere with their launch. There are only the necessary CS files and...

Micro Counter-Strike (Counter Attack) - Remake Maps PackFeb 5 2023Released Feb 5, 2023 First Person Shooter

Remake maps from Micro Counter-Strike (Counter Attack) lớn Counter-Strike. Micro Counter-Strike (Counter Attack) - bootleg trò chơi for old phones that support...

OUTLAW Gunsmithing LabDec 23 2022TBD First Person Shooter

Best rockin" Gold Source weapon skins around. Modesty is strongly prohibited & disallowed.

Counter-Strike csgo modNov 11 2022Released Nov 11, 2022 First Person Shooter

Pff. Hard times.. For now this is an Ultra light of huge mod (in original version). Fixed some bugs. New Serverbrowser with sorting by mods. New avatars...

CS Halloween ModOct 26 2022Released năm nhâm thìn First Person Shooter

Halloween thủ thuật for Counter-Strike.New gamemode, NPC, events, gifts và other waiting for you.

Counter-Stike Strawberry Milk EditionOct 26 2022Early Access Aug 11, 2022 First Person Shooter

In this mod has a lot. Various weapons, characters, zombies, maps, modes.

awp_$2000$Oct 17 2022Released Oct 10, 2022 First Person Shooter

Saw this on the CS: Source workshop as a map, và decided to do my own reimagining in GoldSrc. First map on this engine that i ever made. It"s an AWP...

Counter-Strike: Evolution!Sep 23 2022Released Jul 2021 First Person Shooter

CS Evolution is a game based from CS NZ, CS SME, CS CZ, CS Ultimate V3, CSO NST 3 Special Edition, & CS Extreme V7, started as mod collector of zombie...

Counter-Strike: House RaidSep 4 2022Released Sep 4, 2022 Third Person Shooter

Hostage Rescue map For Counter-Strike 1.6

Counter-Strike: LibrarySep 3 2022Released Aug 28, 2022 First Person Shooter

Counter-Strike: LibraryIs A map I Made A Little While Back That I"ve Moved Now khổng lồ

CS 1.6 Condition ZeroAug 7 2022Released 2017 First Person Shooter

cs condition zero original model. Bots. Ak47 silenked.

CSO-NSTAug 6 2022Released 2008 First Person Shooter

CSO-NST is a first-person shooter clip game, targeted towards Asia"s gaming market released in 2008. It is based on Counter-Strike and was developed...

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BetaStyles For CS 1.6Jul 18 2022Released Jul 12, 2022 First Person Shooter

The early-beta"s Are you having an error entering older versions of the famous old FPS game? That is why, the dll error you dont know, or the half-life...

Valley WarehouseApr 2 2022Released Jan 5, 2022 First Person Shooter

Hostage rescue map set in a valley warehouse. The game play is unforgiving, you can"t let your guard down. Realistic ambientation.

CSX Evo : ClassicMar 23 2022Released Jan 21, 2022 First Person Shooter

CSX Evo:Classic Is Remake From CSX V6 With New Feature,Weapons CSO Old, và Added New Ui Interface (Metadrawer),Based On Source Code CSONST 1011

Counter-Strike : The Second WarFeb 14 2022Released 2018 First Person Shooter

Counter-Strike Second War is a WW2 mod for CS 1.6.

De_tukeFeb 12 2022Released Feb 12, 2022 First Person Shooter

Hi Everyone, I"m a new user on modb. Và I"m fond of creating maps for different games, và this is my first maps for counter strike 1.6 I"m just starting...

Techno-StrikeFeb 1 2022Released Apr 2021 First Person Shooter

Techno-Strike is a modified version of CS 1.6 that replaces the old assets with improved & more realistic sound effects, new thực đơn designs và more...

Counter-Strike: Classic EditionDec 5 2021Released Dec 2021 First Person Shooter

Counter-Strike Classic Edition is a modification khổng lồ resemble early Beta in newer Half-Life versions ( và higher).

de_inferno_eventOct 21 2021Released Oct 2021 First Person Shooter

A Halloween"d version of de_inferno. New textures, new sounds, a new skybox, và some things added here & there.

Joke modOct 12 2021TBD First Person Shooter

All the black-humored skins I"ve already done & would ever do. Beware - includes adult content, 18+.

Counter-Strike cut weaponsOct 6 2021TBD Realistic Sim

so this trò chơi is about having the old weapons back like cut weapons the grenade launcher và m60 & others so I don"t know anything about modeling or...

Counter-Strike XtremeSep 22 2021Released 2011 First Person Shooter

Counter-Strike xtreme adds way more characters and weapons... Plus zombie mode và ghost mode ((: it completely changes the counter-strike experience...

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