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iPhone 13 Pro Max 128GB phone, bluetooth không dây Headset, công nghệ bluetooth không dây Speaker, máy tính bảng ipad mini 6 WiFi Cellular tablet 256GB và Code tan Ngoa Long are rewards that players can receive after registering, tan Ngoa Long strategy game of NPH VNGames will be released in March 2022.

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Tan Ngoa Long VNG belongs to the genre of SLG strategy game with advanced 3 chiều graphics, game play inherited & upgraded from Crouching Dragon lớn simulate the realistic Three Kingdoms world, plot throughout the missions. Code chảy Ngoai Long recruit martial arts generals quan tiền Vu, Truong Phi, Trieu Van, Tieu Kieu, Dieu Thuyen, Lu Bo … lớn make your country stronger.

1. Introduction of chảy Ngoa Long game

Tan Ngoa Long is a real-time array strategy (RTS) game to diversify the squad & army. Join tan Ngoa Long, you play as the Citadel, recruit famous martial arts generals & build strongholds, train soldiers, arrange battle formations, challenge intelligence lớn compete with other players through extensive activities. Territory claimed power.

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2. Outstanding features of the trò chơi Tan Ngoa Long

– Real-time Three Kingdoms strategy game on the phone– More than 100 familiar and iconic generals of the Three Kingdoms– Diverse army, unlimited tactics– Flexible battle layout, taking the weak against the strong– Freedom battlefield, just fight there– Strong Alliance, VIP profit sharing


Synthesize the latest Code of tung Ngoa Long Mobile

3. Why must enter Code rã Ngoa Long game?

Code tung Ngoa Long not only provides resources for đô thị Owners to lớn upgrade buildings, but users also have the opportunity lớn receive Martial General SR who possesses a super-strong skill that is extremely useful.– Get free KNB– Get Hero’s Chest SR– Get the Book of Chien Hien– Get Moc Long– Receive the Command of the Army– Get Gold, Silver, Rice

4. Latest tung Ngoai Long Code

Currently there is no Code tung Ngoai Long, the trò chơi is expected to launch at the kết thúc of March 2022. Taimienphi will update the rookie gift code in the article before the trò chơi officially launches.

5. How to lớn enter Code tan Ngoa Long


6. How to lớn get new Code rã Ngoa Long khổng lồ receive more Code chảy Ngoa Long, you should regularly update the events, minigames held at the game’s official channels via the liên kết below.– chảy Ngoa Long homepage– Facebook chảy Ngoa Long– Group tan Ngoa Long– website received CODE GAME other.

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