Gta san andreas '09

Detailed, mid poly Mã Sản Phẩm AC-130U with all the functions, replacing Nevadomain authority.Mod features:- Detailed model;- Detailed interior;- Working flaps;- Working mechanisms- Working hatches;- Working elevators, rudder và ailerons;- All propellers working;- Working lights;- Small script.- Custom LOD model;- Custom Shadow model;- Custom collision.Control the turrets:- The transition firing with turrets Y;- Switching between calibre is performed by using the mouse wheel;Output firing mode F.

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- HQ Model- A working steering wheel- HQ cockpit- Working ailerons- Working mechanisms- CollisionScript cleo seat press "U" !Required modloader for installing sound. Either put the sound using SAAT .Sounds unpack in the game thư mục at the following path:modloaderaudioSFXGENRLBank_138

Passenger aircraft Embraer hack EMB-1trăng tròn Brasilia in the livery of the French regional airline Air France Regional.

Passenger aircraft Embraer gian lận EMB-1đôi mươi Brasilia in the livery of the American Chautauqua SkyWest Airlines.

Passenger aircraft Embraer thủ thuật EMB-1trăng tròn Brasilia in the livery of Brazilian Passaredo Linhas Aereas Chautauqua.

Features:-Detailed model;-Working all parts (ailerons, flaps, spoilers);-Own shadow;-Good conflict;-Operational chassis.

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Passenger aircraft Embraer EMB gian lận 1trăng tròn Brasilia in the livery of the Brazilian aviation company Embraer (Empresa Brasileira de Aeronáutica).
Press Y to alặng. (aircraft will fly over the spot you clicked Y)The mouse wheel lớn switch between cannons (20-machine gun, grenade launcher, 105-40-something big already) and shoot
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