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Today we will be discussing where you can read One Piece 976 spoilers, raw scans, & its release date.

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One Piece Manga 976 spoilers will be releasing a bit late this week because of the break, the release date has been pushed a week forward as well.

So the preparation for the raid on Onigashima has finally started and fans can’t wait khổng lồ read what happens next.

Kanjuro was so sure of Orochi destroying all the alliance ships that he finally outed himself as the traitor amongst the red scabbards thinking that he doesn’t need to hide anymore.

Orochi had ordered Kanjuro to lớn return to lớn Onigashima with Momonosuke once he reveals himself khổng lồ the nine scabbards but what happened next even shocked himself.


The raid at Onigashima is a silent attack, so I don’t think Kinemon will let Kanjuro escape & inform about the upcoming attack.

To win against the alliance of Kaido and Big Mom, the Luffy alliance will need to vì chưng a sneak attack and take care of their major forces without them knowing.

This way only the high-level pirates will be level and then the major Wano war will start. Oda foreshadowed that the great war of Marineford will pale in comparison to the Wano arc war and that is what we are all waiting for.

Who will fight Kaido? Who Will fight Big Mom? Well, before talking about these things. Let’s stay focused on the upcoming One Piece 976 spoilers.

The next chapter will mark the start of the raid và Luffy with all the 4200 Wano samurai will start moving towards Onigashima & this where the real war starts.

Fans can’t wait to lớn see Zoro’s new power & we might get to lớn see a glimpse of it in the next chapter. Zoro might finish all the beast pirate ships in one single slash.

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One Piece Chapter 978 spoilers are going to lớn be a bit late this week because of the Corona outbreak. We will be sharing the liên kết to the spoilers as they get released, till then read our articles on One Punch Man Season 3 & Solo Leveling Anime.

One Piece Manga 976 Raw Scans

The chapter is on break for March last week và will be releasing in April. The raw scans are taking time translated since mangastream stopped One Piece scanlations và this is why the English raw scans every week are getting released late.

One Piece raw scans are first leaked in the Japanese language, which is then translated to lớn other world languages like English, French & Spanish và we will be sharing the One Piece Manga Chapter 976 English raw scans as soon as they get released.

The English raw scans for One Piece 976 will be released on 3rd April 2020 và all the liên kết will be shared here for you all lớn read.

Is One Piece Manga Chapter 976 On Break?

Yes, because of the Corona outbreak, Oda has decided lớn take a break from drawing & is giving all his staff much-needed break from work & asking them to lớn rest & work from trang chủ so that they are safe from this contagious disease.

The upcoming One Piece chapter will be released in the April issue. Even though only one week break was announced, there are chances that the One Piece upcoming chapter might go on a Hiatus until all this Corona thing is sorted out.

When will Whitebeard Remnants Join The Fight?

Even though all the 4200 soldiers & the red scabbards are present at the port, there is no sign of the whitebeard remnant pirates.

So when will they arrive? We think that Marco và others will arrive mid-fight. Marco is going lớn come real handy in this fight and he is sure to help Luffy và Kinemon in the fight against Kaido và Big Mom.

Will Corona Lockdown Affect One Piece Release Date This Week?

The One Piece Chapter was already on a break last week because of Corona, but it will be released this week for sure.

If the Corona outbreak gets more serious in nhật bản then we might get to see a Hiatus from Oda. So let’s pray that this pandemic gets over soon.

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