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He"s been on the grandest of adventures with Gol D. Roger, however, most details about his past remain unknown.


Silvers Rayleigh is a legendary figure renowned all across the world of One Piece. He was a thành viên of the Roger Pirates and the first person khổng lồ join the crew, thus, being Roger"s closest confidant.

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Rayleigh is considered lớn be a tremendously powerful character and he has great authority, thanks lớn being the First Mate of the Roger Pirates. He"s been on the grandest of adventures with Gol D. Roger, however, most details about his past remain unknown. Nonetheless, Eiichiro Oda has given fans a decent amount of information on the legend that is Rayleigh.


Silvers Rayleigh is a character who fans first saw properly at Sabaody Archipelago, where he had sold himself into slavery. This happened in Chapter 500 of the manga, titled "The Embers of History."

Interestingly, Rayleigh had already made his debut in the story long before that, in Chapter 19 of One Piece, specifically in Buggy"s flashback during the Orange Town arc of the story.


Being a member of the Pirate King"s crew, it"s no surprise that Rayleigh is extremely powerful. After Roger himself, Rayleigh is the second strongest person in the entire crew, và thus, also the Vice-Captain of the Roger Pirates.

According khổng lồ Garp, he is a legend who not even a Navy Admiral in Kizaru could capture without making prior preparations & was held in the same light as the legendary Whitebeard in terms of status.


After the split of the Roger Pirates and the arrest of the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger, Rayleigh decided it was time khổng lồ lay low. Years later, it was revealed that he was living in Sabaody Archipelago and worked there as a Coating Mechanic.

His job is to help the sailors who are trying khổng lồ go down to Fishman Island with coating their ships and he also did the same for the Straw Hat Pirates as seen after the two-year time-skip.


Silvers Rayleigh is one of the very few pirates in the world of One Piece to lớn have two great epithets. "The Right Hand of the Pirate King," is the first one & it comes from him being the second-highest authority in the Roger Pirates.

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More importantly, he is also known as "The Dark King," which is the epithet that is generally used with his name. What exactly it means isn"t known, however, the entire world is intimated just by a mere mention of his name.

From the legendary pirates of the old age lượt thích Whitebeard, Roger, and Rayleigh himself, he"s known khổng lồ be the oldest of the lot. Currently, Silvers Rayleigh is 78 years old, & had the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger, been alive, he would"ve been 77 years old.

Whitebeard died two years prior lớn the current timeline at the age of 72 which means he was the youngest of the lot and would"ve been 74 years old if alive. Shiki, another legend of the old era, is alive, however, his exact age remains unknown.

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Silvers Rayleigh is a married man, much to the surprise of most One Piece fans. As seen several times in the series, Rayleigh is shown to lớn be living together with Shakky, another former pirate & a possible member of the Rocks Pirate crew.

They are also business partners và are said khổng lồ be great friends. What"s more, Shakky knows exactly how powerful Rayleigh is & was confident that he was about 100 times stronger than all the Supernovas on Sabaody Archipelago two years before the time-skip.

Rayleigh was the right-hand man of the Pirate King once, however, after the crew disbanded, he gave up on being a pirate. Often, a pirate"s bounty is retracted after they quit và go into hiding for years, however, with Rayleigh, that"s not the case.

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Despite not having been a pirate for decades now, Rayleigh"s bounty is still active và according khổng lồ Kizaru, it won"t be retracted any time soon as the sins of the Roger Pirates can"t just disappear.

Rayleigh is one of the strongest characters in the entire world of One Piece and since he doesn"t have a Devil Fruit, he relies on the usage of Haki in battle. In fact, he was the person who taught the usage of Haki to lớn Monkey D. Luffy.

Rayleigh"s Haki is quite powerful & he is a user of at least one of its advanced forms. His Armament Haki/Ryou usage is quite high-level và his Conqueror"s Haki prowess was compared by Eiichiro Oda to that of Shanks himself.

Silvers Rayleigh is quite an exceptional man and this is something that the Pirate Empress, Boa Hancock agrees on. After being rescued by the Fishman Fisher Tiger, Hancock và her two sisters were saved by Rayleigh và Gloriosa, who lived on Sabaody Archipelago back then.

The group took them in and sheltered them, & later on, sent them lớn Amazon Lily. Hancock respects Rayleigh quite a lot & even let him stay at Amazon Lily, an island that is forbidden lớn men.

Rayleigh is an incredible swordsman and swords seem khổng lồ be his primary weapon of choice. In his fight against Kizaru, Rayleigh was able to completely stop the Admiral in his tracks & even hurt him, despite being old and out of shape.

Back in his younger days, Rayleigh is shown lớn have been a user of Two-Sword Style. This was first seen during Buggy"s flashback & then later on, during Oden"s flashback when he fought the Whitebeard Pirates in the Grand Line.

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