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 One Piece Chapter 989: Everyone is superbly excited lớn know about the clashes between the warriors, & we can only find that in the next chapter of One Piece. Let’s find out about chapter 989 and what will happen lớn the warriors.

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In the last chapter, we found out that war is happening, và Luffy is prepared to Confront Kaivị. Chapter 989 of one piece is delayed, but Sanji và Zoro fans are very excited to know about the fight và what the Warriors are going to lớn vì.

All kind of new thing is going to lớn happen in the new chapter of Manga và everyone is superbly excited to lớn see chapter 989.

What happened in Chapter 988?

Kaibởi sees the Mink Troops around hyên and thinks of using Sulong against them. Nekomamushi, Inuarashi, và Raizo want to fight against them because of the situation in Zou. Shishilian, Giovanni, and Concelot turn themselves in Sulong forms, và the Musketeers & Guardian stepped in. Jachồng finally found who Raizo is. Other links also transsize themselves.

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