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Figure of Fubuki in the stories of One Punch Man She is often shown as a svào, tough and courageous woman. However, it is not uncommon for her to be shown as an arrogant, selfish character and who does not care about the fate of others in the ONE series.

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However, it turns out that behind all the negative attitudes and traits of a Fubuki, there is a character illustrated by Yusuke Murata you deserve sầu lớn be a leader. As we know, she is the younger sister of Hero No.2 of the S-class of the Hero Association, Tatsumaki.

Fubuki saves Genos from death

The latest chapter in the series of manga One Punch Man shows another side of Fubuki. It shows you helping Genos risking his life. As shown in the previous chapter, during the fight against Psykos, Drive Knight used Genos’s toàn thân as a “vessel” for his final power.

“Genos near death” One Punch Man Chapter 142 (Shueisha)

He asked Genos for approval, and he had no objection. Psykos himself was eventually paralyzed, though his fate is still unknown. In Chapter 142, we were shown the effects of the actions of Drive sầu Knight.

Genos says he’s at his limit. The core of his body had a leak that will cause hyên ổn khổng lồ die & explode in the not too distant future. The Drive sầu Knight himself then fled after taking advantage of Genos. Saitama’s disciple then asked the others to leave sầu a radius of 5 km.

He also asked the others lớn convey his apology lớn Dr. Kuseno & Saitama for failing. Looking helpless, Genos decided lớn blow himself up; just as he tried at the beginning of the series or in episode 2 of One Punch Man.

After Genos said that he was going to blow himself up, Bang suddenly said that young people lượt thích hlặng shouldn’t get discouraged or give up easily. He asks Genos to stay, while Prisoner Castle searches for the whereabouts of the Child Emperor. Hearing Bang’s motivational words, Fubuki began to act.

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Fubuki uses all his power on One Punch Man

Then use the rest of his psychic abilities to lớn repair Genos. At that moment, Fubuki said that he would not stare at his subordinates in dibao tay. And the most notable are the words he spoke at the over, namely, “The leader must know how lớn behave as a leader.”

Fortunately, all of Fubuki’s efforts are fruitful. Genos’ body system shows that the internal temperature is slowly returning khổng lồ normal. The critical period of the cyborg is over và it does not explode.

“Fubuki to the Rescue” One Punch Man Chapter 142 (Shueisha)

Fubuki, on the other hand, immediately felt the effects of abusing his telekinesis power. He then fell unconscious while bleeding from his mouth. Seeing the sacrifices made by Fubuki, Silver Fang said she could become the greakiểm tra leader of all one day.

What Tatsumaki’s sister did khổng lồ Genos isn’t actually the first time she’s shown her best side. Previously, Fubuki had also done the same to lớn protect Bang and Bomb, when Tatsumaki was about khổng lồ “blow up” the headquarters of the Monster Association.

Fubuki pulled out a kind of barrier for the three of them. What happened in this arc seemed capable of causing a great change in the Hero Association. For example, for the first time in history, all heroes work together lớn help Tatsumaki defeat Psykos.

However, they generally vì chưng not want to lớn cooperate with other heroes. And of course we also see another side of Fubuki that is very extraordinary. The Truth News reminds you that you can read the One Punch Man manga on VIZ Media.

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