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March 2013 LEICA Đánh Giá LEICA Lens nhận xét More Reviews

12milimet 15mm 20 và 21mm 28mm 35mm

40milimet 50milimet 75milimet 90mm

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12mm(requires external finder)top

How to Use Ultrawideangle Lenses


Voigtländer 12milimet f/5.6 ASPH

2000-today, filter adapter needed for 77milimet filters, 173g.

It"s a screw-mount lens, so be sure lớn get a screw-mount adapter for use on M cameras. It comes with a dedicated 12mm finder.

It comes in blaông xã as shown or silver.

It"s sharp, và has plenty of falloff (darker corners) as expected. I"m a wide-angle junkie, & 12mm is too wide, even for me. It is not rangefinder coupled as all Leica br& lenses. No big giảm giá, just guess. Its depth-of-field is just about unlimited.

TTL metering works great on all M cameras.

New: bayonet mount version.

enlarge image or more information (review coming)

15mm(requires external finder)top

How to lớn Use Ultrawideangle Lenses


Voigtländer 15mm f/4.5 M II ASPH

2009-today, 52mm filters, 155g.

An excellent lens in every way. TTL metering works great on all M cameras.

Full Review.


Voigtländer 15mm f/4.5 ASPH

1999-today, no filters, 115g.

Same as the lens above sầu, except that it"s screw-thread, & has no rangefinder coupling or filter thread. Be sure to get an adapter lớn use it on M cameras.

TTL metering works great on all M cameras.

Full review.

đôi mươi & 21mmtop

How to lớn Use Ultrawideangle Lenses


Voigtländer Color-Skopar 20milimet f/3.5 SL II

2009-today, 52milimet filters, 199g, about $550.

A tiny SLR lens for Nikon, Canon EOS và Pentax.

Full nhận xét.


NEW: Voigtländer 21mm f/1.8

2012-today, 58milimet filters, 412g.

Optically pretty good, and works great on M9.

Full Reviews.


Voigtländer 21mm f/4

2009-today, 39milimet filters, 132g.

The tiniest ultrawide ever for Leica. A great performer that fulfills Oskar Barnack"s vision even better than Leica"s own lenses today.

Achtung: Although wonderful on film, this lens is not for the M9 because its rear nodal point is too cthua trận for the sensor. The left và right sides take on weird color shifts. For the M9, get the LEICA 21mm f/2.8 ASPH instead.

Full Reviews.

28mm top


Voigtländer 28mm f/2

2008-, 46milimet filters, 243g.

Inferior khổng lồ LEICA, but far less expensive sầu and good enough for most people.

Full review.

Xem thêm:


Voigtländer 28milimet f/1.9

2000-2008, 46milimet filters, 261g.

Inferior to LEICA in every way, but far less expensive sầu & good enough for most people.

Full đánh giá.

35mm top


NEW: Voigtländer 35mm f/1.4

2008-, 43milimet filters, 198g.

Small, light, well-built và ergonomically excellent, but with visible barrel distortion and sharpness far inferior to lớn anything else from LEICA, even 50 years ago.

Full review.

40mm top


Voigtländer Ultron 40milimet f/2 SL II

2007-, 52milimet or 39milimet filters, 180g, about $410.

A tiny, ultra-high performance normal lens for Nikon, Canon EOS & Pentax.

Full review.


Voigtländer 40mm f/1.4

2004-, 43 x 0.75mm filters, 197g, about $529.

A lens only for the LEICA CL, Minolta CLE và plastic Voigtländer Bessa R3M with 1:1 finder.

Full Review.

50mm top


Voigtländer Nokton 50mm f/1.1

2010-, 58milimet filters, 434g, about $1,000.

A poor performer, introduced as a gimmiông chồng for the less critical.

Full Reviews.

75mm top


NEW: Voigtländer 75milimet f/1.8 Review

2010-, 52mm filters, 423g, about $715.

A swell lens, but why would you want a 75milimet lens for LEICA M?

Full Đánh Giá.

90mm top


Voigtländer 90milimet f/3.5 APO-Lanthar SL II

2009-, 52milimet or 39mm filters, 322g, about $550.

A small, medium-tele và semi-macro lens lens for Nikon, Canon EOS & Pentax.

Full nhận xét.

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