Onmyoji arena build guide 2021

The vast world of MOBAs doesn"t cease khổng lồ amaze us with new launches and unique additions, & that seems to be exactly the case with Onmyoji: Arena. If you thought the stunning graphics from Onmyoji couldn"t translate well into an action-packed game, you"d be surprised lớn learn otherwise.

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In Onmyoji: Arena you get to lớn play as your favorite Onmyoji character & try to lớn take down enemies in 5v5 PvPhường battles. If you don"t know exactly what that means, let me refresh your memory. Do you know about a fairly famous game called League of Legends (or League of Legends: Wild Rift)? Well, that"s one signature game of the MOBA genre. Other memorable titles are thiết bị di động Legends: Bang BangArena of Valor to name a few.

Today, we"re going to lớn take a look at some beginner tips for Onmyoji: Arena lớn help you get better at the game and get a general understanding of how to rank up.

Of course, being a mean MOBA player myself, I will add some extra (advanced) tips to lớn help you out, just in case you want to learn everything there is khổng lồ know about Onmyoji: Arena! So, we"ll start off with a basic strategy guide, và then we"ll move on to lớn the more advanced Onmyoji tips.


Select the best region according khổng lồ where you play from

This is something that you should never overlook và it"s why we decided to lớn cover it first in this Onmyoji Aremãng cầu guide. There are two main servers, & you should choose the best server for your area. If you choose a different VPS than the one matching your area, the delay (or ping) you will experience in the game can be quite a deal-breaker.

Asia hệ thống is ikhuyến mãi for the following regions: SEA, Korea, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Japan, Đất nước xinh đẹp Thái Lan, Vietnam, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia. The World VPS is dedicated lớn NA, EU, South America, and all the other non-Asian regions.

Choose the right lane for your playstyle in Onmyoji Arena

Depending on how you like to play (generally speaking what your playstyle is), you should choose the lane accordingly. If you like lớn be a healer or tư vấn your allies, you will go in the bottom lane - if you want khổng lồ play tank or fighter characters (or Samurai, Ninja) you can go inlớn the top lane or jungle, và if you want khổng lồ play a ranged damage dealer, the mid lane is usually the place khổng lồ be.

Below you can find all the lanes, as well as the type of champions that can usually be found playing there:

Some of the best roles we"ll cover in our Onmyoji: Aremãng cầu guide for complete beginners are Tank, Samurai or Marksman (& sometimes Support) because you can learn easily learn them và they can be quite forgiving. Of course, going pro as a player of any of these roles will take some time, just like it would any other role. But, for start, if you want to lớn play something fairly simple và impactful, these are could be some of the options you can go for.


Always make objectives your number one priority

Every MOBA has its own similarities & differences - the main similarity between Onmyoji: Aremãng cầu & the other MOBA titles is that the objectives of the games align. You need lớn make the objectives (towers, important jungle camps, enemy base) your priority.

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Let me give sầu you some quick tips on how khổng lồ prioritize objectives:

You shouldn"t chase kills if you can take a tower.Try to lớn last hit the minions so you can get the Gold they drop. If you don"t last hit them, you will only get the EXPhường. and the Gold will be lost.Make sure to check the mini-bản đồ at all times to lớn see where your team và the enemy team are. If you spot one of your teammates is in danger, use the pings lớn let them know.Do not force fights if you are behind - try to lớn catch up và reach your tác phẩm power spike before you start fighting.If you cannot conthử nghiệm an objective sầu, then try khổng lồ take something else in return while the enemy team is busy with the said objective.Never overextend if you don"t have sầu a teammate lớn help you out in case an enemy catches you off-guard.Towers win you the game, so make sure you take them whenever possible.Push the waves before going back khổng lồ base. If you push the minions under the enemy tower, the tower will kill them & thus the Gold from these minions will be denied for your opposing laner.

Learn only one Onmyoji Arena role, and a handful of heroes

If you really want khổng lồ get good at the game, you need to start slow. That means you should try to lớn focus on learning one role that you like, and a few heroes that can fit into lớn that role. For example, if you want lớn play Support, you could focus on learning Hako Shoujo, Bakekujira, và Kusa. They can be viable in most cases, and you will never be out of options if an enemy picks one of them.

You shouldn"t try to lớn learn all the roles because you will not excel at them. If you play one game middle (where you roam & play aggressively) & the next one Tank in the Orochi lane, then you will have sầu a harder time transitioning between them.


Keep a cool head

I know very well just how tilting a game can become. Let"s say your team members don"t really know how to lớn play, & they over up dying 7 times to their opposing laner. That can never be fun, but you should never start trash-talking in chat.

Try khổng lồ keep a cool head, and vì chưng everything that you can from your position to bounce the game baông xã. You can use the post-game report option (in the post-game lobby), and take a break after such a match, khổng lồ have a fresh perspective sầu on the next game.

Trust me - it"s never a good idea khổng lồ play game after game when you"re angry because it will only result in you losing multiple games in a row!

Do your quests và take part in the events of Onmyoji Arena

There are a lot of events running in Onmyoji: Arena. These events change almost every week, so you should try lớn be active, play lớn earn all the rewards that you can, và never miss something that is time-limited. For example, there can be limited heroes (lượt thích Inuyasha or Ichigo) which you can obtain by simply playing the game during the time-limited sự kiện.

If you play a lot, you might want lớn consider buying the battle pass

Is the Onmyoji: Arena Battle Pass worth it? I"ve wondered this quite a bit, và the conclusion came in fast - it"s definitely worth it. If you play the game every day, you should really invest the $10 in it, because it"s going to lớn give sầu you good rewards for that money. You will not only get vouchers, champion skins, and favor packs, but also plenty of BPhường coins and tons of other rewards that you can exchange in the Pass Shop.


Save your Coins in Onmyoji Arena

Another thing I would suggest is that you save sầu your Coins & only spkết thúc them when you know exactly which Shikigamày you want to get. It"s never igiảm giá to spkết thúc all your Coins on units that you might never use, so just keep them for start. Once you reach Master ranking with your main Shikigami, you can get their evolved Skin for about 11k Coins!

Fix the presets for your main Shikigami

In the Prepare option, you can check out various customizations for your characters. I suggest that you create new Onmyovày pages for each of the heroes you play, depending on how you want lớn play them. Also, make sure you kiểm tra all the other options lớn get familiar with everything else that you need khổng lồ know in the game.

Last but not least, adjust your Settings lớn fit your playstyle

It"s never fun khổng lồ play a game that doesn"t feel good - you might lượt thích lớn have sầu auto-target on towers, or you might want to focus on something else entirely (or on nothing at all). Nothing"s set in stone, so head on to lớn the Settings menu in the top right corner of the screen & try out all the custom settings khổng lồ find the one that feels best for you.

Make sure you try them out in the Practice - Trial mode before you go into lớn other PvP.. modes, because you can quiông chồng và re-make the game as many times as you like!

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