Samsung max privacy vpn and data saver


Samsung has rescued Opera Software’s Opera Max data-saving, privacy-protecting Android tiện ích from oblivion & relaunched it today as Samsung Max.

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Norwegian tech company Opera, which first became known for its desktop browser when it launched in 1995, has offered mobile browser apps across various platforms for years. But in 2014 it launched the standalone Opera Max phầm mềm for Android to give its users more bang from their data plan, along with some VPN-like features. The ứng dụng compresses data such as photos, music, & videos while promising “no noticeable loss of quality.” Opera Max can also bloông chồng background processes to lớn conserve sầu battery và data.

The app was given a number of new features over the past few years, but last August the company revealed it was pulling the plug on Opera Max once & for all. The reason, according lớn Opera at the time:

The sản phẩm had a substantially different value proposition than our browser products, và represented a different focus for Opera. We, therefore, focus on our browsers & other upcoming services.

Opera delisted the phầm mềm from Google Play*, though it did state that the ứng dụng would remain functional for a period of time and promised that it would inform existing users before terminating server-side functionality.

Well, it appears D-Day has come, & Samsung has stepped in to save the tiện ích. No details are available as khổng lồ whether Samsung paid anything for the phầm mềm, but given that Opera was going to lớn shutter the service anyway, it’s likely Samsung paid very little — if anything — khổng lồ take it over. has reached out to lớn the companies & will update when, or if, we hear baông xã.

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Unfortunately, as with many Samsung apps, Samsung Max will only work on certain Samsung Galaxy-branded devices. So if you’ve been happily using Opera Max on a non-Samsung device for the past six months, the next update that rolls out will render the tiện ích useless for you.

Those with a compatible Samsung device will receive the new Samsung Max update automatically if they have Opera Max installed, và the app will also come preloaded on some devices in India, Brazil, Argentimãng cầu, Nigeria, Indonesia, Mexiteo, Vương Quốc Của Những Nụ cười, South Africa, and Vietphái mạnh. Everyone else (with a compatible Samsung device) will be able to lớn tải về the Samsung Max app from Google Play or the Galaxy Apps store.


Above: Samsung Max: The ứng dụng formerly known as Opera Max

Samsung Max is effectively the same as Opera Max, though the Korean giải pháp công nghệ giant said that it will “improve” the data-saving và privacy-protection modes, and it has also given the interface và UX a bit of a spit shine. It also looks like Samsung Max is no longer a VPN, instead offering a DNS masking service that doesn’t alter your IPhường. address.

“All over the world, data has become a commodity, but many plans are simply still too expensive for consumers that want khổng lồ get the most out of the lakiểm tra công nghệ built inkhổng lồ their devices,” noted Seounghoon Oh, vice president for the Samsung R&D Institute in India. “With Samsung Max, our users in every corner of the globe now have sầu increased autonomy and control over their data usage & privacy in an era of rising security threats, fraudulent apps, và user profiling.”

Samsung’s launch comes just a few months after Google launched Datally, an Android ứng dụng that helps users traông xã & conserve điện thoại data.

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*Update, February 24: has since learned that the Opera Max phầm mềm was in fact only delisted from Google Play for non-Samsung devices. The ứng dụng was still available to lớn tải về from Google Play for those in possession of a compatible Samsung device."s mission is to lớn be a digital town square for technical decision-makers khổng lồ gain knowledge about transformative sầu technology & transact.Our site delivers essential information on data technologies và strategies lớn guide you as you lead your organizations. We invite you lớn become a member of our community, lớn access: up-to-date information on the subjects of interest lớn you our newsletters networking features, và moreBecome a member

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