Can you use 2019 option files for pes 2018? : wepes


How to download a PES 2018 Option tệp tin và get official kits for unlicensed teams.

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PES 2018 once again plays an excellent game of football, but as always the game lacks many of the official team kits, names & badges compared khổng lồ EA’s juggernaut, FIFA 18. Thankfully, Konami makes it super easy lớn import those made by the incredibly dedicated PES community so that your game doesn’t look lượt thích Gareth Bale running out for his local Sunday League team.

All you need khổng lồ get the official kits and badges is a USB stiông xã. Unfortunately, this trick continues lớn only work for PS4 and PC owners, with Xbox One players missing out as the console doesn’t tư vấn USB transfer onto lớn games.

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How lớn tải về the PES Option tệp tin for official teams and kits

1. On your USB stiông chồng create a PES-related thư mục lớn store the Option tệp tin. The file needs to lớn be called “WEPES” for your console or PC to lớn recognise the folder.

2. Head onto lớn your PC and tải về the Option files from one of the myriad PES-dedicated sites. PESWorld và PES Universe are two of the most popular, with regular updates improving on already great-looking kits.

Then, clichồng & drag the files onkhổng lồ your USB stiông chồng và inkhổng lồ the PES folder. Note that we had some trouble when downloading the file on a Mac, so grab it on PC and stick it onkhổng lồ USB – that way, you’ll avoid potential issues. You’re now ready to add them lớn your game!

3. Boot up PES 2018 and head into Extras | Edit. Scroll down to lớn Data Management | Import/Export.

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4. After selecting “Import Team”, a textbox will appear stating “You can import images saved onto lớn USB Flash memory.” It will warn of a cap on the number of imports, but don’t worry about that.Related: FIFA 18 vs PES 2018

5. Select all of the files in the danh mục and hit Next. Leave “Select team import data” & “Apply player & squad data” unticked và hit Next. The game will then begin lớn automatically import them inkhổng lồ the game for you. All the kit files will process and you can just sit bachồng và have sầu a cup of tea.

6. After the processing has finished, save your game. You’re all done! The kits will be in the game và you can finally enjoy them in all their glory.

7. If you want to also import badges and emblems, it needs to be done manually. To vị this, go bachồng inlớn Import/Export và cliông chồng “Import image”. Select “Competition emblems” to lớn import images in the correct image size; otherwise, they’ll look a bit off.

Tichồng “Import selected images” & choose all the league badges you want to lớn bring across. You must then, after importing, choose which emblem goes where (for example, swapping the English League badge with the Premier League logo). It’s a bit time-consuming, but well worth the effort.

And that’s it! All the team kits, badges and competition logos are in the game. Who needs licenses, eh?

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