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Please be my Friend, Then we can help each other & have fun playing..For example, we could exchange Gifts every Day. I would be glad to accept your Friend

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Please friend me I need some mates khổng lồ exchange gifts with please it will help us both out lớn receive sầu all that extra stuff everyday. I actually enjoy this game

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It"s Still Christmas in July!Instead of heading lớn the North Pole, he parked his sleigh on Jack"s island. Luckily, he left some Spins for all the Good Pirates! Sail khổng lồ the Store to get MORE SPINS! Also, here"s another treat from Jack! >> https://đại chiến.jellybtn.com/cBhwCmt

Merry Early Christmas Join the crew & play to win jolly offers AND the Summer Elf Special Pirate! We have sầu ho-ho-hot offers that you wouldn"t want to lớn miss! Also, here"s another daily gift to lớn add to lớn the holiday cheer! >>https://pk.jellybtn.com/KmyvvB

By now, you"re well-acquainted with Murkville.. So let"s challenge that. Can you find the cửa nhà that"s out of place? Make your guess, và follow
thepiratekings on Instagram for the answer! Also, don"t forget khổng lồ collect today"s FREE Spins >> https://chiến đấu.jellybtn.com/cQbSMKQ

New Islvà Ahead! Welcome to the new island, Murkville! Known for its purple-tinged sands & ghastly creatures. Navigate through the seas, loot & steal from other islands, và advance khổng lồ the next cấp độ. And DON"T FORGET your gift of Free Spins >> https://chiến tranh.jellybtn.com/cNmfNDJ

As the new island approaches, the sea is getting murky for Jachồng... Help us find the correct order và take today"s gift for a Spin >> https://đánh nhau.jellybtn.com/yShq1M

Batten down the hatches! By the looks of it, the next adventure is not for the faint of heart. What bởi you think the theme of our next islvà is? Guess away then clayên ổn today’s gift >> https://hành động.jellybtn.com/VrHBRx

Hot News Ahead Have sầu you heard of our new Bomb Booster that can DOUBLE your bomb strength? Give it a shot today và mô tả how many boosted bombs you see. Don"t forget your daily gift too! >> https://kungfu.jellybtn.com/7sZF91

Good day, mateys! Clayên your FREE SPINS today but first.... it"s game time! Can you keep traông xã of the Gold Card in this shuffle? Clayên today"s FREE Spins & cốt truyện your guesses down below! >> https://võ thuật.jellybtn.com/39CCJQX fa

Thanks for the awesome feedback! We alặng lớn give all our loyal crew members gifts as often as we can. What else would you lượt thích to lớn receive sầu in your treasure chest? Let us know & Jack might just grant your wish. Collect FREE Spins while you"re at it! >> https://pk.jellybtn.com/xd76jh

It"s the time of the year to lớn rock out in your red, Trắng và blue! In light of July 4th, we got a lot of prizes in store including a GRAND PRIZE of a MISSING CARD + A NEW AMERICAN PIRATE! What are you waiting for? Come claim your prize too! https://đại chiến.jellybtn.com/13Fx2d

Move sầu over Michael J. Fox, we got a new Teenage Wolf on the loose! In order khổng lồ complete your All-American Pirates collection, you gotta collect him, too! Woof!Tell us which pirate you"re using now & claim today"s gift, you deserve sầu it! >> https://đại chiến.jellybtn.com/3dhFGquận 1

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