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New heroes, weapons, và more in the lakiểm tra update for TWD: Our World!▶ TWD: Our World is the official AMC TV sản phẩm điện thoại game of The Walking Dead. ▶ Become a zombie shooter lượt thích millions of other players worldwide to lớn survive! ▶ Over 1 billion zombies killed so far, how many can you take down? The zombie apocalypse has begun.The zombies, otherwise known as “walkers”, feed off living human beings and have taken over our neighborhoods. In order lớn survive, you’ll need your gun & snipers ready khổng lồ scavenge và hunt whether at your home, your neighborhood, or beyond, with the all-new FREE ROAM feature. With the fall of humanity, making friends & forming a team is the difference between survival và death. Features of the TWD action-adventure game: • HUNT WITH TWD HEROES - Collect legendary character cards from the hit AMC TV show The Walking Dead, lượt thích Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead Season 1, The Governor from The Walking Dead Season 4, & even Alpha from the The Walking Dead Season 10! • FUN AND THRILLING SHOOTING- Shooting zombies is easy! All you need to bởi is alặng for the head khổng lồ get headshots. Unloông chồng & upgrade hundreds of guns & snipers to lớn become the ultimate zombie shooter in The Walking Dead Universe. • FREE ROAMING - Survive the zombie apocalypse your way in TWD: Our World, the zombie shooter action-adventure game - no movement needed khổng lồ explore the map! Bring the zombie apocalypse from the hit AMC TV series straight inlớn your living room, front yard, or wherever you want to play. • MULTIPLAYER/ TEAM UPhường WITH FRIENDS- Team up with your friends in this multiplayer shooting zombie game. Fight against other groups of players in multiplayer gun gaming action lớn become the best team out there! Try và get the ultimate zombie shooter high score together with your friends! Tip: Use snipers for maximum accuracy! • RESCUE SURVIVORS AND BUILD SHELTERS- The zombie apocalypse is upon us! Get your snipers, và gun the zombies down before it’s too late! Take on the role of a zombie shooter, rescue survivors & thrive in AMC’s The Walking Dead universe by completing missions & building shelters. Test your survival instincts in this zombie shooter action-adventure game from the AMC TV hit show The Walking Dead! Community and Support -Got feedback? TWD: Our World on Reddit at https://www.reddit.com/r/OurWorldTWD/ -Need support? TWD: Our World tư vấn at https://nextgames.helpshift.com/a/the-walking-dead-our-world/

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Jul 21, 2021

Version 17.0

What’s new in 17.0?Group Boards 2.0 is here! How far can you climb the new unlimited Group Boards? If you keep climbing the rewards keep coming as you compete with other Groups to see who can be top in the Group Leaderboards!Coming this season:Brand new EventsWalking Dead Season 11 Hero MercerNew Weapon: Daryl's RevolverBlow the competition away with the new Exploding Bullets Mod!New mission rarities & balance changesAnd as always bug fixes và performance improvements

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