Sapphire radeon hd 7970 3gb ddr5 hdmi/dvi

AMD GPU Specification Comparison
AMD Radeon HD 7970AMD Radeon HD 6970AMD Radeon HD 6870AMD Radeon HD 5870
Stream Processors2048153611201600
Texture Units128965680
Core Clock925MHz880MHz900MHz850MHz
Memory Clock1.375GHz (5.5GHz effective) GDDR51.375GHz (5.5GHz effective) GDDR51.05GHz (4.2GHz effective) GDDR51.2GHz (4.8GHz effective) GDDR5
Memory Bus Width384-bit256-bit256-bit256-bit
Frame Buffer3GB2GB1GB1GB
Transistor Count4.31B2.64B1.7B2.15B
Manufacturing ProcessTSMC 28nmTSMC 40nmTSMC 40nmTSMC 40nm
Price Point$549$350$160-

The Radeon HD 7970 is a thẻ of many firsts. It’s the first video clip card using a 28nm GPU. It’s the first card supporting Direct3D 11.1. It’s the first member of AMD’s new Southern Islands Family. & it’s the first đoạn phim card implementing AMD’s Graphics chip core Next architecture. All of these attributes combine lớn make the 7970 quite a different video card from any AMD video clip card before it.

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Cutting right lớn the chase, the 7970 will serve as AMD’s flagship đoạn phim card for the Southern Islands family. Based on a complete AMD Tahiti GPU, it has 2048 stream processors organized according khổng lồ AMD’s new SIMD-based GCN architecture. With so many stream processors coupled with a 384bit GDDR5 memory bus, it’s no surprise that Tahiti is has the highest transistor count of any GPU yet: 4.31B transistors. Fabricated on TSMC’s new 28nm High-K process, this gives it a die kích thước of 365mm2, making it only slightly smaller than AMD’s 40nm Cayman GPU at 389mm2.

Looking at specifications specific to the 7970, AMD will be clocking it at 925MHz, giving it 3.79TFLOPs of theoretical computing performance compared to 2.7TFLOPs under the much different VLIW4 architecture of the 6970. Meanwhile the wider 384bit GDDR5 memory bus for 7970 will be clocked at 1.375GHz (5.5GHz data rate), giving it 264GB/sec of memory bandwidth, a significant jump over the 176GB/sec of the 6970.


These functional units are joined by a number of other elements, including 8 ROP partitions that can process 32 ROPs per clock, 128 texture units divided up among 32 Compute Units (CUs), và a fixed function pipeline that contains a pair of AMD’s 9th generation geometry engines. Of course all of this hardware would normally take quite a bit of power to run, but thankfully power nguồn usage is kept in check by the advancements offered by TSMC’s 28nm process. AMD hasn’t provided us with an official typical board power, but we estimate it’s around 220W, with an absolute 250W PowerTune limit. Meanwhile idle power nguồn usage is looking particularly good, as thanks to lớn AMD's further work on nguồn savings their typical nguồn consumption under idle is only 15W. And with AMD's new ZeroCore Power giải pháp công nghệ (more on that in a bit), idle power usage drops to lớn an asbolutely miniscule 3W.

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Overall for those of you looking for a quick summary of performance, the 7970 is quite powerful, but it may not be as powerful as you were expecting. Depending on the trò chơi being tested it’s anywhere between 5% & 35% faster than NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 580, averaging 15% to 25% depending on the specific resolution in use. Furthermore thanks to lớn TSMC’s 28nm process power usage is upwards of 50W lower than the GTX 580, but it’s still higher than the 6970 it replaces. As far as performance jumps go from new fabrication processes, this isn’t as big a leap as we’ve seen in the past.

In a significant departure from the launch of the Radeon HD 5870 and 4870, AMD will not be pricing the 7970 nearly as aggressively as those cards with its launch. The MSRP for the 7970 will be $550, a premium price befitting a premium card, but a price based almost exclusively on the competition (e.g. The GTX 580) rather than one that takes advantage of cheaper manufacturing costs to lớn aggressively undercuts the competition. In time AMD needs khổng lồ bring down the price of the card, but for the time being they will be charging a price premium reflecting the card’s status as the single-GPU king.

For those of you trying lớn decide whether lớn get a 7970, you will have some time to decide. This is a soft launch; AMD will not make the 7970 available until January 9th (the day before the Consumer Electronics Show), nearly 3 weeks from now. We don’t have any idea what the launch quantities will be like, but from what we hear TSMC’s 28nm process has finally reached reasonable yields, so AMD should be in a better position than the 5870 launch. The price premium on the thẻ will also help taper demand side some, though even at $550 this won’t rule out the first batch of cards selling out.

Beyond January 9th, AMD as an entire family of Southern Islands đoạn clip cards still khổng lồ launch. AMD will reveal more about those in due time, but as with the Evergreen and Northern Islands families AMD has a plan lớn introduce a number of clip cards over the next year. So 7970 is just the beginning.

Winter 2011 GPU Pricing Comparison
$750 GeForce GTX 590
Radeon HD 6990$700
Radeon HD 7970$549
$500GeForce GTX 580
Radeon HD 6970$350 GeForce GTX 570
Radeon HD 6950 2GB$250
$240GeForce GTX 560 Ti
Radeon HD 6870$160

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