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Using a piông xã or something similar, peel off the warranty stickers to reveal two black T9 security torx screws.

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FIRST remove sầu the two screws securing the top cover to lớn the PS4. Removing the top cover will be easier if you follow these steps in order:

To remove the bottom cover you"ll need lớn pull up very hard on each side of the cover near the back of the console.

You may be able to pull just with your hands but you might also need to use some opening tools khổng lồ pry it off.

After we remove sầu the bottom plastic we see the physical eject button that Sony has decided khổng lồ use. This is another significant change over the previous models.

Pull up on the left side (the side without the four wires), then on the right side. The right side of the power supply will be harder lớn pull up on so you"ll need lớn pull firmly.

The best way we"ve sầu found is to use mini pliers. Pull up on one side then the other. Go baông chồng & forth one side at a time until it pops off.

The really wide optical drive cable has a blaông chồng "collar" that needs to be lifted up on each side. This will miễn phí the cable.

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Even though the optical drive sầu has been redesigned they still use the same roller system with the white bar in between. We"re guessing that there will still be problems with these white bars falling out.

Be careful to lớn not thảm bại the small metal nut under the blachồng cover on the top left side. This nut is for one of the two long screws that hold the power supply that was removed in previous steps.

As you lift up on the front of the motherboard you will notice that the tín đồ is still plugged in. This can be removed by grasping the connector with a pair of small pliers.

We can now see one of the huge differences between the older models & this new Mã Sản Phẩm...there"s no RAM on one side of the motherboard!

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You didn"t show what the supply connector is supposed khổng lồ look like, when disconnected. Now I ripped it off of my mother board, attempting to assess milk damage. Thanks for helping me make sure my PS4 will stay broken.

I"m so sorry it ripped off. I"m assuming you are talking about the power supply connector? If so step #10 shows the method we use to lớn remove sầu this connector. We use mini pliers & grasp one end at a time and pull up gently but firmly each time...this will eventually get the connector off without damage in most cases. That being said we have sầu had to fix a connector every once in a while on these because some of them are fragile.

I ripped off my power supply from the motherboard too, assuming that from these photos that was where I was supposed to lớn pull. Playstation is very broken now.

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