Pubg highlights #10

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PlayerUnknown"s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has taken the gaming community by surprise by becoming one of the best-selling releases of 2017, with over 8 million players in only five sầu months. Recently, PUBG made history when it broke 699,000 concurrent players on Steam, a feat only achieved by two other games.

Every match in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is guaranteed to provide amazing in-game moments, cthảm bại calls, và heart breaking top 5 deaths. The very best kills, the most amusing losses, and those elusive chicken dinners deserve to be saved & shared with the world, so today at a special sự kiện at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany, the developers PUBG took lớn the stage to lớn announce that the world’s most popular multiplayer shooter has been enhanced with ShadowPlay Highlights.

This new công nghệ automatically captures your best PUBG moments. So now, when you get kills, die, win a match, or knockout yourself or your enemies, ShadowPlay Highlights will automatically save sầu a gameplay clip that you can quickly edit before uploading khổng lồ your favorite sites and services.

PlayerUnknown"s Battlegrounds is known for delivering intense, fast-paced action, & for not taking things too seriously,” said C.H. Kim, VPhường & Executive sầu Producer of Bluehole. “Giving our players the ability to automatically capture that fun và easily chia sẻ it with friends will increase our presence on social media & introduce PlayerUnknown"s Battlegrounds lớn even more gamers.”

To celebrate this we are kicking off a conkiểm tra, where for the next month we’re looking for the best PUBG Highlights - submit your most exciting or amusing ShadowPlay Highlights to Youtube or Twitter, tag
binhphap.vnGeForce & #ShadowPlayHighlights, và enter for a chance lớn win a GeForce GTX 1080 Ti or GeForce GTX USB Drive sầu. Get all the details & learn how lớn enter here.

To activate ShadowPlay Highlights in PUBG you’ll need to update to the lakiểm tra version of PUBG, have sầu GeForce Experience 3.8 or higher, & have a GeForce GTX graphics card.

Launch PUBG, go lớn the in-game Settings menu, & select “ ShadowPlay Highlights” under the “Highlights Aulớn Capture” option:


Once you start your game in the lobby, GeForce Experience will ask if you want to enable ShadowPlay Highlights for PUBG. After you cliông xã "Yes" Highlights will automatically be recorded without any further input đầu vào.


If this prompt doesn"t appear:

Ensure the GeForce Experience In-trò chơi Overlay is enabled in the Settings thực đơn of GeForce Experience Ensure Highlights is enabled in GeForce Experience by pressing Alt+Z, then going khổng lồ Settings > Highlights

You can confirm Highlights is enabled by the presence of the following inhỏ in the bottom right corner of the screen once the match has started:


At the over of the match all your Highlights will be available for you to lớn cốt truyện. You can select which Highlights khổng lồ save to lớn your Gallery, or giới thiệu immediately lớn Facebook or YouTube.

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GeForce Experience also enables you to lớn customize what’s automatically recorded. Files not saved at this time are stored in a temporary folder (%temp%/Highlights). You can adjust this temporary folder form size by by opening up GeForce Experience Overlay (Alt+Z) > Settings > Highlights.


You can configure which highlights are recorded by going khổng lồ the GeForce Experience desktop client. Go to lớn the trang chính tab và click on “Details” under PUBG. On the top right, you’ll see a truyền thông inhỏ that enables you lớn select the different types of Highlights available as well as khổng lồ disable the feature.


Today’s new PUBG patch also sees the introduction of HBAO+, the industry’s leading platform-agnostic ambient occlusion technique. With this fidelity-enhancing tech all PUBG players will now see richer, more realistic shadowing where two surfaces or objects meet, và where an object blocks light from reaching another nearby game element. Every building, room, open field & object in Erangel will benefit, with the improvements being immediately evident when you view the interactive comparisons below.

Clichồng here to view the interactive comparison in 4K, in fullscreen

To enable this game-enhancing technology, simply select a “Post Processing” detail màn chơi other than Very Low from the in-game settings thực đơn.

Cliông xã here khổng lồ view the interactive sầu comparison in 4K, in fullscreen

The integrations of these two new technologies mark the first steps in a new collaboration that will maximize the performance benefits of GeForce GTX GPUs for players of the incredibly-popular multiplayer shooter, which has sold over 7 million copies in 4 months.

Click here lớn view the interactive sầu comparison in 4K, in fullscreen

All of’s development resources have been made available khổng lồ Bluehole Inc., including’s effects libraries, developer tools, research papers, source code samples, & more.

Click here khổng lồ view the interactive sầu comparison in 4K, in fullscreen

PlayerUnknown"s Battlegrounds has quickly become a major force in PC gaming và we’ll be working with Bluehole right up until the release to lớn deliver the best experience for GeForce gamers,” said Tony Tamamê mẩn, senior vice president of Content & Technology at Our team of visual effects engineers are at Bluehole Inc’s disposal, lending their expertise in game development, & helping the studio add the lademo in graphics và physics simulations technologies to lớn PlayerUnknown"s Battlegrounds.

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Clichồng here to lớn view the interactive sầu comparison in 4K, in fullscreen

To jump into the action and capture your own Highlights, with HBAO+ visual improvements, head on over khổng lồ Steam. With any luck you too will win a chicken dinner, và you can prove it khổng lồ all your friends with the automatically-saved ShadowPlay Highlight.

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