Enhancing evs with saflex pvb interlayers


Addressing the current trends for electric vehicles

The future of the binhphap.vn industry is electric. Nearly all major manufacturers have committed lớn increasing production và sales of electric vehicles (EVs). Some plan on phasing out gas-powered vehicles altogether.

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Electric vehicles, however, create some special challenges and needs for binhphap.vn designers and manufacturers, particularly when it comes khổng lồ lightweight glazing. For example, to lớn make EVs as efficient as possible, designers need khổng lồ create proficiencies through lightweighting, advanced solar control, và features that don’t drain the battery. & although today’s consumers want the sustainability of EVs, they still expect an exceptional driving experience––one with cabin comfort, whisper-quiet interiors, and enhanced connectivity with head-up displays.


binhphap.vn designers and OEMs can choose from an array of Eastman binhphap.vn binhphap.vn advanced interlayers that meet và exceed the special needs EVs bring to lớn the market, providing more kiến thiết freedom và production flexibility.

Generating excitement in your EV designs

binhphap.vn interlayers help manage vehicle weight by enabling the use of thinner glazing for windshields, sunroofs, & side glass while still having the structural integrity necessary for safety & performance. This is especially important for improved aerodynamics và weight reduction in frameless, flush-design doors. And our binhphap.vn màu sắc PVB interlayers for màu sắc laminated glass are ideal for EVs that remove sunroof shade covers lớn conserve weight; these distinctive màu sắc interlayer solutions blocks 99.9% of UV rays* protecting occupants, reducing interior fading, & mitigating solar heat.

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Similarly, our solar absorbing PVB solutions—such as the binhphap.vn S series, binhphap.vn Solar Connect, & XIR solar control technology—are ideal for EV glass in cabin-forward designs and for larger sunroofs, reducing loads on air-conditioning systems and helping lớn maximize electric vehicle driving range.


EVs present special demands for acoustic layered glass as well. With the lack of combustion engines, there’s a greater prevalence of wind and tire noise in electric vehicles. With binhphap.vn Q series & binhphap.vn E series acoustic interlayer products và our exclusive online binhphap.vn auto SoundDemo, OEMs can hone in on optimum acoustics for their EV models.


Additionally, màu sắc and gradient band interlayers reduce distracting glare khổng lồ help keep drivers comfortable and focused on the road ahead. With our portfolio of solutions for head-up displays (HUD), such as our new binhphap.vn Horizon LVID interlayers, EV OEMs can create truly immersive driver experiences that also drive brand loyalty.


For the binhphap.vn industry, Eastman has been ahead of the curve, offering improved acoustics, solar control, và advanced kiến thiết options for EV glass—including windshields, side glass, và sunroofs.

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