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RichAdX is a mobile app advertising platform from Vietnam giới, operates in partnership with Google and provides Ad Exchange Service. According lớn Google: “The Google DoubleClichồng Ad Exchange Service is a service for managing multiple monetization sources of online display advertising inventory”. Currently, RichAdX focuses on sản phẩm điện thoại tiện ích developers, helps optimize apps for profitable advertising.

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Starting up

Like many small & medium businesses, RichAdX had been struggling to lớn solve sầu a common puzzle of how khổng lồ boost sales, increase revenue & keep customers coming bachồng.

In its initial period, RichAdX used khổng lồ pay for a three-people tech team, partly for back-end development, và partly for marketing tech-related tasks. This is quite redundant for a start-up, but during those 2 months, RichAdX couldn’t find any better solution for its kinh doanh tasks. Marketing software at that time was too costly & the leaders were messed up with too many tasks to seriously think about it.

Managing to lớn solve sầu its problems

Fortunately, that redundant state of RichAdX lasted for only 2 months.

This is easy lớn understvà, and it’s also the reason RichAdX can survive the giants in the market. RichAdX is on its way khổng lồ finding the right formula for success. Any mistake cannot last too long. The urge of finding a kinh doanh software, making things automated & cut the cost of human resources become urgent when cost officially exceeded revenue. RichAdX can no longer afford a team of 3 developers.

As soon as RichAdX made the decision, it found when searching for a pop-up creator. The first two criteria are met straight away: Affordable & no coding required.

Since then, RichAdX has been counting on for creating landing pages, pop-ups, & calls-to-action. The tech team is now reduced to lớn one developer, focusing only on its products, costs are reduced accordingly. One marketer is in charge of all kinh doanh tasks almost without any external help.


Let’s see what it can vì with’ tư vấn.

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An eye-catching pop up lượt thích this can be created easily with Just import pictures or choose from templates gallery, edit text, color, text kích thước, etc. After a simple integration, you can start collecting email addresses or delivering information to trang web visitors.

Pop-up is especially useful when there are promotion programs. Offering coupon codes, discount information and other value proposition are the best direct way lớn encourage prospective sầu customers to lớn make purchases.

A trang đích is one of the factors that make online sales possible. Without being able to talk face-to-face lớn customers, it’s hard to deliver value in a comprehensive way, with lively illustration, and without interruption. With a trang đích cần seo, you have space & time to lớn deliver value in the most attractive sầu way, capture leads information and nurtures them through buying stages.

All you’ve sầu got khổng lồ vì is to lớn choose among our templates, drag-drop, và edit to make your chất lượng one.

Visit RichAdX lớn see how it’s going.

Along with pop up, trang đích cần seo, calls-to-action, also provides customers with tools that facilitate gmail sale, marketing automation, such as customer tracker, automated follow-up emails, you can check it out here.

All constructive feedbaông chồng and questions are welcomed in the comment section below.

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