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So I recently purchased a brand new htc M8 và the first thing I did was install TWRP & Custom Oreo ROM. However, I was not very impressed as two of the things I was looking forward to lớn took a major hit - audio quality & battery drain on certain camera based apps. However, while most devices are very easy to return khổng lồ stock ( I have experience with Samsung, OnePlus etc.) I cannot find a definitive guide that can help me restore lớn the last marshmallow update with stock firmware & recovery. Every online tutorial I try seems lớn work halfway và then the files wont flash etc.Does anyone have a proper surefire way of bringing it back to stock. I would appreciate it alot.Also its M8n (Euro Unlocked Version) it came with S-Off from the factory. It had Kitkat on it when I wiped it.Thankyou

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First of all, if you made a TWRP backup of your stock ROM (before flashing custom ROM); then you can just restore that to lớn get back to the stock ROM. If you didn"t make a TWRP backup, then you should have. This is a fundamental best practice when modding these devices. I find it surprising that so many folks skip doing this.

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For that matter, bởi vì not vì chưng anything to lớn your phone without beforehand knowing how khổng lồ reverse it (go back khổng lồ stock).Luckily, there is a collection of stock TWRP backups which you can use, plus a very well written guide: custom ROM doesn"t cảm biến firmware, so that hasn"t changed from stock firmware (Kitkat?). If you want to update firmware, the above linked thread has that as well.On the lưu ý of firmware, you should not have been running an Oreo custom ROM with kitkat firmware (if that is what you did). It may or may not explain some of the issues you had. I"m actually surprised you were able to lớn flash an Oreo ROM at all, with KK firmware.As far as stock recovery, the liên kết I gave also has the necessary files và instructions on how lớn restore stock recovery. But honestly, I don"t feel it is value added to vì chưng so. The only reason to have stock recovery is for updates, và this phone is long done (years) with updates. & TWRP gives you a lot more flexibility to recover, backup, etc.Alternately, your version may have RUU. This is a htc specific tool you can use that to lớn restore khổng lồ full stock, including ROM, firmware, stock recovery - every single partition restored khổng lồ stock (will also wipe all data on the phone). But I would need the exact phone info, in order to tell you which RUU (if your M8 version has one - not all do). If you want to go that route, vì fastboot getvar all, và post the results (delete IMEI and serial number before posting).

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