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KingoRoot apk provides the best one click root tool (both apk and pc root) for HUAWEI device. Many people are interested in how lớn root HUAWEI. This artical will show you how khổng lồ root your HUAWEI with Kingoroot in an easy và safe way.

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Let's build an image of HUAWEI first

HUAWEI is a leading apk device manufacturer globally. Gartner, Inc. announced that Chinese tech giant HUAWEI ranked the thirdlargest điện thoại thông minh vendor in the world, after Apple and Samsung. In 2015, HUAWEI has just passed hãng apple becomes the điện thoại cảm ứng thông minh seller campaign in China. HUAWEI's success, some may attribute lớn its domestic market. HUAWEI Technologies Co. Ltd. Is founded in 1987. It is a Chinese multinational networking, telecommunications equipment & services company. Huawei has become the first supplier from china break into the top cấp độ of a communications industry. It has become the largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer among all the countries, having overtaken Ericsson in 2012.

After years R&D, HUAWEI has established 17 research institutes in the United States, India, Sweden, Russia và other countries or regions khổng lồ gain advanced technology, experience and talents.The best selling products of HUAWEI are HUAWEI P8 / HUAWEI MATE S / HUAWEI Mate 8 / HUAWEI P8 lite / Huawei Y6 & HUAWEI Nexus 6P.

If you tried both APK và PC for many times và still failed. Please unlock your bootloader first. It makes KingoRoot harder or sometimes impossible to root your device with a locked bootlaoder.

Root HUAWEI with KingoRoot(APK) for android without PC

IMPORTANTPlease try KingoRoot.apk first. Most HUAWEI devices may be rooted by using KingoRoot(APK).

Enable the unknown sources in setting menu.Settings > Security > Unknown SourcesBy the time download finish, install và launch KingoRoot.Press "One Click Root" when you see the button.Wait until you see the result.It is better try more than once if root failed for different rooting methods.

For more detailed tutorial, please click

How lớn root any android device và version with KingoRoot APK?

If you tried many times still failed, refer khổng lồ KingoRoot Android(PC Venison), which has a higher success rate than game android vision.

Root HUAWEI with KingoRoot (PC Version)

Preparations :

A computer run Windows with internet access; A lot of things KingoRoot will run on the cloud.More than 80% nguồn remain; Your device may die during the process of root, just because run out of battery.The original USB cable is preferred or a good unique one at least.It is recommended that you backup first.

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Setting :

Make sure your device is powered ON. If your device is powered off, it is just a plastic and metal brick.Shut down any sort of firewalls or anti-virus software on your computer;

Begin lớn root


After fully downloaded, install và launch KingoRoot apk PC Version.


Connect your device khổng lồ your computer using the included USB cable.

Kingo will automatically detect và install driver for you. If you are using Windows 8, please refer liên kết blow.

How lớn solve driver installation looping on Windows 8 when running Kingo android Root?


Enable USB Debugging mode. (Skip this step if it is enabled)

USB Debugging mode enabled is a necessary step of apk rooting process.


Tick "Always allow from this computer". If not, you will probably get yourself an OFFLINE DEVICE.

Before root, you should fully aware of the benefit and loss.

Every coin have two sides. Rooting your game android has its own advantages và at the same time disadvantages. It is a matter of weighing pros & cons.

Click "ROOT" to lớn begin.

KingoRoot will employ multiple exploits on your device. The root process will probably take several minutes. When root begins, JUST LEAVE IT THERE.


Root Succeed!

Hopefully your device is well supported và successfully rooted by Kingo.

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