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The new Month 15 Royale Pass is available in PUBG mobile (Image via binhphap.vn)

PUBG Mobile"s 2.2 update was recently released for users across the globe. This means that the new Cycle Season 8, along with the Month 15 Royale Pass, will also make its way into the popular title.

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Players across the globe have been eagerly waiting for Tencent Games to lớn release the new M15 Royale Pass so that they can get new cosmetics, items, & other rewards khổng lồ enrich their in-game inventory. The developers have finally given a green signal khổng lồ the release of the new season and the new RP.

Details of Month 15 Royale Pass release in PUBG Mobile

The latest Month 14 Royale Pass successfully concluded on 19 September, after which the RP section stayed locked for a few hours. This enabled the developers to release the new Month 15 Royale Pass this morning (20 September). The M15 RP is scheduled to lớn conclude on 19 October.


The Month 15 Royale Pass is based on the "Razzle Dazzle" theme & is available in two variants. While the Elite Pass can be obtained for 360 UC, the Elite Pass Plus variant can be purchased for 960 UC. However, those who have already purchased the Month 14 Royale Pass will get a 60 UC discount voucher.

Following the pattern of previous RPs, the latest Month 15 Royale Pass has brought along plenty of ranked rewards that PUBG di động players can obtain by completing daily & weekly missions.

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While the paid section has a lot of new cosmetics and items, the không tính phí section also contains a few rewards.


Here is an overview of the ranked rewards that are incorporated in the new PUBG mobile Month 15 RP:

RP Rank 1: Groovy Pack phối together with Music Star Win94RP Rank 5: Groovy Pack CoverRP Rank 10: Magical Night HelmetRP Rank 15: RP Avatar (M15), Magical Night Ornament together with Wild Dance Emote (available in the miễn phí RP section)RP Rank 20: Magical Night Smoke Grenade together with an Magical Night Parachute (available in the miễn phí RP section)RP Rank 25: Martial Master set (available in the không lấy phí RP section)RP Rank 30: M15 đáng yêu Clown Plane Finish together with an Midas Fortune EmoteRP Rank 35: Fairytale Scarecrow P90 (available in the miễn phí RP section)RP Rank 40: Drum Sensation DP28RP Rank 45: Month 15 RP BadgeRP Rank 50: Choice between Clairvoyant Fox phối along with Clairvoyant Fox Cover và Midas Fortune phối along with Midas Fortune Cover

With so many rewards added to the new Royale Pass, a lot of gamers have already purchased it and have started to complete the weekly missions. The developers will be expecting many more gamers lớn purchase the RP in the upcoming days.

PUBG thiết bị di động players can max out their RP & get their hands on the aforementioned ranked rewards by purchasing exclusive M15 RP rank-up cards (each thẻ costs 1000 UC). Each card will help users cấp độ up by 10 ranks.

Those who purchase M15 RP can play the mini Adventure Arcade game, which will enable them to receive rewards from seasons gone by.

Note: PUBG thiết bị di động is banned in India. Hence, Indian users are requested lớn abstain from playing the game.

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