Naruto: the true legend of the sannin

The Legendary Sannin of the Leaf (Image via Studio Pierrot)

What"s not to love about the Legendary Sannin of the Hidden Leaf Village? Consisting of the Slug Princess Tsunade, the Toad Sage Jiraiya, and the Great Serpent Orochimaru, the trio were dubbed the greatest shinobi of their time. Each of them was a prodigy in their own respect và possessed powerful abilities that mix leagues apart from the other shinobi.

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However, in Naruto, not enough was shown of the trio. They were mostly talked about và highly praised given their skills. With a number of spin-offs emerging from the original series, we feel that the Legendary Sannin also deserve one.

Naruto: The Legendary Sannin deserve a spin-off

Brief History

As a Genin, Tsunade, Jiraiya, and Orochimaru were teamed up under Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Third Hokage. Among them, Jiraiya struggled a lot, mostly incapable of properly performing Jutsu & even failing the famed Bell Test. During their time as students, they all learned the Summoning Jutsu, later calling on powerful summons lớn assist them.

They have accomplished many notable things together as a team, but the trio was always in constant disagreement with one another. Tsunade went as far as to hotline it a "three-way deadlock." Upon maturing, the team continued to lớn work together during the Second Shinobi World War.

During a battle with Amegakure"s Hanzo, they were the only Konoha ninja left standing following Hanzo"s attacks. Acknowledging their strength, the Salamander dubbed them "Konoha"s Legendary Sannin." This is where the name was born. However, that was also the last instance they fought together. Post that, the three went their separate ways.

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A Legendary Sannin spin-off would be a chart-topper

With several spin-offs emerging, one featuring the legendary trio would surely be welcome. As mentioned, not much was shown of them or their exploits. Even the fight against Hanzo the Salamander was not covered in great detail, apart from how they got their name.

Besides, individually and together, the three shinobi are loved và admired by the anime fans. More than certainly, a spin-off showcasing the Sannin"s battles during the war would be greatly appreciated.

The three shinobi eventually went their separate ways after the Hanzo battle. Jiraiya chose khổng lồ stay in Ame & repent for his sins in the war; Tsunade was badly affected by the horrors of the war causing her to lớn abandon shinobi life, và Orochimaru soon left the village as well, which was a ramification of his criminal activities.

Maybe a little bit of this part would vì well lớn further enhance the story as a whole. It would allow viewers to lớn connect with the three Leaf shinobi on a deeper level, & in turn, understand the kind of horrors war brought with it.

Final Thoughts

A spin-off about the Legendary Sannin would definitely sit well with fans. Each of the three nin-ja is quality in their own way, which is what makes them so loveable.

It was also during a time when Orochimaru was a "good" character, so exploring that side of him would definitely be interesting.

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