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Sejuani was weaned on hardship & reared on barbarity. Where others succumbed to the harshness of the Freljord, she was tempered by it until pain became power, hunger an encouragement, & frost an ally in culling the weak. Through her orđơn hàng, she learned that to lớn thrive sầu in the endless winter, one must become just as cold & unforgiving. In Sejuani" eyes, her followers either have sầu the mettle to endure or the right to lớn die. Once she has conquered the Freljord, she knows that those who survive sầu will form a nation khổng lồ be feared. As a child, the leader of the Winter" Claw watched her tribe" numbers slowly dwindle. Cold and starvation took all but the most resilient. She was the only one of her siblings lớn survive khổng lồ her tenth year, leaving Sejuani sure that she too would die in misery. In desperation, she sought spiritual counsel from her tribe" mystic. But the seer did not foretell Sejuani" death. Instead, she prophesized that Sejuani would one day conquer & unite the divided tribes of the Freljord. Armored with absolute faith in her destiny, Sejuani pushed herself lớn extremes that would have killed anyone without her will lớn endure. She walked inkhổng lồ blizzards without food or furs & trained while frigid winds raked her flesh. She clashed with the strongest warriors of her tribe, one after another, until her legs gave out beneath her.

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When she assumed leadership of her tribe, Sejuani commanded her warriors khổng lồ follow her example. Under her rule, the tribe grew stronger than they had ever been. In the over, it was an offer of peace - rather than an act of war - that began Sejuani" chiến dịch of conquest. On the first day of winter, envoys from Ashe" tribe approached Sejuani" camp bearing a gift of Avarosan grain. Ashe" intent was clear: if Sejuani united with her tribe, the Winter" Claw would never go hungry again. To Sejuani, the gift was an insult. In Ashe" tribe, she saw men và women, slight & soft, who preferred to lớn farm instead of fight. Her contempt for them was absolute. Sejuani gathered her people và set the grain alight. She proclaimed that Ashe" offer of charity would bring only weakness. Stripping the envoys of their supplies, Sejuani sent them baông xã with a message: the Winter" Claw would prove sầu to the Avarosan that only the svào deserve khổng lồ survive sầu in the Freljord. As the grain burned behind them, Sejuani rode out with her warband to inflict the first of many painful lessons to come. I was cut from the ice, shaped in the storms, hardened in the coldSejuani Poro Rider Sejuani is thủ thuật skin lol không tính tiền, This gian lận uses skins you can change the mặc định skin of the character in the game League of Legends, you can easily install, or you can tải về skins hack file for reference, all skin thủ thuật, gian lận bản đồ is không tính phí for everyone. - Download in Mediafire : Download in Google Drive sầu :

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