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Mastering Sekiro’s combat takes time. You’ll need khổng lồ get lớn grips with the rhythm & pace of attacking, dodging, and parrying. You’ll also need to lớn understand how to use your prosthetic arm properly, too. And then there are advanced finishing moves. Here’s how to perform the anti-air deathblow in Sekiro.

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Sekiro’s combat certainly has a different feel lớn it than FromSoftware’s Souls series, but there are some similar mechanics. Sekiro has its own version of Dark Souls’ ripostes and Bloodborne’s visceral strikes, called deathblows. These attacks cause massive damage, typically killing enemies in a single hit.

There are a few different types of deathblow finishes in Sekiro, & the most difficult of which is the Anti-Air deathblow. This move can only be performed when Sekiro & the enemy are both in the air, which obviously doesn’t happen all that often.

The move really only works when you’ve actually jumped toward an enemy before they’ve gone airborne. Khổng lồ perform it consistently you’ll need lớn preemptively jump. If they then jump to lớn meet you, you’ll see the prompt appear.

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It’s very tricky though, requiring absolutely precise timing.

Note that pulling off an anti-air deathblow has nothing to vị with posture, except in the case of bosses/mini-bosses. For those enemies, you’ll typically need lớn have already broken their posture using a parry or footstool.

Enemies that we’ve found the anti-air deathblow most effective are the monks around the Senpou Temple, given that they tend to jump around a lot.

That’s everything we can tell you about how to perform the anti-air deathblow in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice. It really is just a case of getting the timing spot on. For more useful guides & tips on the game, be sure to tìm kiếm our extensive guide wiki.

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