The best dota 2 settings to climb ladder and win mmr

Dota 2 is one of the most popular và successful clip games of all time. Despite this, it is also noteworthy for having a steep learning curve, with many users finding themselves asking why is Dota 2 so hard.

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If you are looking lớn get better in the game, whether you are a beginner or already have hours of experience, it is important to lớn know the best Dota 2 settings. This is to ensure that you can stay focused on mastering the game và its mechanics while not getting distracted by lags or other technical issues.

This article will discuss some of the most ideal settings in Dota 2. But, of course, what you mix will still depend on your preference and the computer you are using khổng lồ play the game. What this guide shows are suggestions that can improve your chơi game and experience.

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How to Change Settings in Dota 2
Best Dota 2 Settings for the Keyboard
Best Dota 2 Settings for Optimal FPS
Best Dota 2 Settings for Improved Gameplay

How to Change Settings in Dota 2

There are two ways to lớn change the trò chơi settings.


The simpler means to bởi vì so is lớn click on the gear icon at the top-left corner of screen in the game. That will pop up the settings page, which are divided into three main categories.

The first category or tab is Hotkeys. There you can customize or bind hotkeys for various commands in-game.

You can also select a pre-set hotkey template. Just be sure lớn master the hotkeys or shortcuts you will set. This way, you will not have lớn waste time hovering your mouse to the icons or commands when playing.

The Options tab is where you can modify the game, minimap, camera, profile, social, network, chat, interface, & some miscellaneous settings. These settings can help optimize your gameplay and experience. If you prefer not to lớn interact that much with other users, you can adjust the options here.

To change the Social settings, go lớn the third tab. This is where you can adjust how you interact with friends & other players in the game.

The fourth tab is Video settings. It consists of settings that can affect trò chơi performance, such as resolution, rendering, lighting, và textures. Many of our discussion below will focus on these settings, as they have a huge effect on your game’s FPS (frames per second.)

Audio settings can be seen in the fifth tab. It provides a way for users to lớn adjust the various volumes in the game, including trò chơi sounds, music, và unit speech. You can also modify the settings for broadcasting, voice communication, among others in the tab.

Lastly, the Account tab is where you can manage the phone number associated with your Steam account, recalibrate your MMR, & manage your team information.


The other way khổng lồ change the settings is lớn use the console. First things first, you will need to lớn learn how to open console in Dota 2. Then you will also have khổng lồ know (through research) what commands to input đầu vào in the console in order lớn modify the settings.

Best Dota 2 Settings for the Keyboard

Efficiency is key when playing Dota 2. Using shortcuts or hotkeys is a must, especially because every second lost when looking for the icon to cast a spell or use an thành quả can cause your anh hùng its life.

Many players suggest using the default hotkeys. Although some prefer lớn modify it khổng lồ be similar khổng lồ the those of another trò chơi that they have grown accustomed to, such as League of Legends. The best way lớn decide on how lớn set up the hotkeys is lớn try the different options in matches. This way, you can find which setting you are most comfortable with.


A lot of professional or competitive players enable quickcast, which allows you to lớn cast targeted abilities on where your cursor is played. This means that you do not have to lớn left-click the mouse anymore after clicking a spell, saving you precious time. However, if you tend khổng lồ misclick, panic click, or fat-finger, it might be better to lớn disable quickcast instead.

Best Dota 2 Settings for Optimal FPS

Perhaps the most important settings you will have to lớn focus on are those that affect your FPS (frames per second.) Lower FPS is an indicator that the game is behaving slowly. It can also make it look lượt thích you are watching a slideshow, rather than playing.

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It is critical then for you to lớn adjust the settings so that your FPS will be at an optimal level. A level of 60 FPS should do. Now, if you are playing on a high-end gaming setup, then you can just maximize all the đoạn phim settings. Otherwise, you will need khổng lồ modify the settings for a smoother game play at the expense of beautiful graphics.

First off, vì chưng not phối your resolution too low that it alters the field of view (FOV.) While that works for first-person-shooter games, Dota 2 requires you lớn gain as much map information as possible. I recommend going with a resolution of 1920×1080 or your screen’s native resolution.


If you are suffering from low FPS, you can apply the options below when you go lớn your game’s clip settings. Remember khổng lồ tick Use advanced settings in the đoạn phim tab so that you can change the options.

Rendering API: DX11Texture Quality: HighEffects Quality: LowShadow Quality: MedGame Screen Render Quality: 70-100%Maximum frames per second allowed: 120 Hz, or depending on your monitor’s refresh rate

These settings will bởi the trick & provide you smooth game play if you are using a wooden PC or an entry-level laptop.

Best Dota 2 Settings for Improved Gameplay

Did you know that adjusting some settings can also give you an advantage when playing the game? It is not just for providing you a smooth experience. There are settings that can make you a better Dota 2 player, such as the ones I discuss in this section.

Auto Attack: Standard

A rookie mistake that many players commonly make is allowing their anh hùng to auto-attack nearby enemies. This can result in death, especially in a situation wherein you are trying to lớn hide but your anh hùng automatically attacks a unit và gives away its position. It is more advantageous lớn set the auto-attack option to Standard or Never.

How lớn change settings:

Go khổng lồ the Options tab.Navigate lớn the Game section.Tick Standard in the Auto Attack option.

Center Camera on nhân vật Respawn

Time và time again, some users find themselves wasting their TP (town portal) scroll after respawning. Instead of teleporting to lớn a friendly tower, they mistakenly teleport khổng lồ the base. This is caused by the mặc định setting that your camera will center on your hero at the fountain after it respawns. Adjust the setting khổng lồ make sure your screen is focused on where you intend khổng lồ go even on anh hùng respawn.

How lớn change settings:

Go lớn the Options tab.Navigate to the Camera section.Disable Center Camera on nhân vật Respawn.

Channeled Abilities Require Hold/Stop

Have you ever experienced being in the thick of a team fight, using your channeling spell, then find yourself surprised that it stopped because of a misclick? If that has happened lớn you, then it is better to lớn change this setting. This is to lớn ensure that if you are using a skill that requires channeling, it will not be interrupted by accidentally moving your player or attacking another unit.

How lớn change settings:

Go to the Options tab.Navigate khổng lồ the Game section.Enable Channeled Abilities Require Hold/Stop.

Similarly, you can also adjust the settings so that teleporting also requires you lớn click Hold or Stop. Three rows below Channeled Abilities Require Hold/Stop is the option Teleport Requires Hold/Stop. Enable this setting as well.

Double Tap Ability to lớn Self-Cast

There are some spells, such as heals or buffs, that heroes can cast on themselves. However, a simple misclick can turn the tides in a team fight against your squad’s favor because you fail lớn self-cast a certain spell. To prevent this from happening, you can set it so that double-tapping the ability can allow you lớn automatically cast it on your hero.

How khổng lồ change settings:

Go khổng lồ the Options tab.Navigate to lớn the Game section.Enable Double Tap Ability khổng lồ Self-Cast.

Holding alternative text Shows Tower Attack Range


Most competitive or professional Dota 2 players have memorized the attack range of units và towers. That is the result of thousands of hours of gameplay. But there is an alternative way khổng lồ know the attack range of towers so that you can remain unseen by opponents or not get hit by the tower, which is quite important when your hero is still at a lower level. To do this, toggle the settings so that holding the alternative text key will show not just a tower’s attack range but also the unit it is striking.

How lớn change settings:

Go lớn the Options tab.Navigate to the Interface section.Enable Holding alt Shows Tower Attack Range.

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