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Hello, this is my second walkthrough for you for SA-MP, but it is about setting up the hệ thống this time. But enough talk - let’s get to lớn the walkthrough.

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First, tải về Windows Server v01 program from Then unzip it.



As shown in the picture, we are going to change some marked information now. I won’t give sầu a picture for the change lớn each line – use the second picture above by way of an example.

eđến Executing Server Config... - nothing khổng lồ be changed here.

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lanmode 0 - if you want a LAN game, change the 0 to a 1. If you want a game over the Internet, leave this as 0.

Maxplayers 32 - this doesn’t need any explanation – it is the maximum number of players on the VPS. You can change 32 to any value you want. It’s up to lớn you.

Port 7777 you can change this value, but it"s best left as it is now: 7777.

Hostname Unnamed Server. This is the name of the hệ thống. You can change this according your needs. For example: Hostname Winnie the Pooh Server. Then your hệ thống will be named “Racing Teddy Bear”.

This is choice of game modes.

gamemode0 lvdm 1 gamemode1 rivershell 1 gamemode2 area51 1 gamemode4 sftdm 1

Names of modes can be found in the Gamemodes thư mục. For example, if you want freighter mode, write:

gamemode0 freighter 1 gamemode1 rivershell 1 gamemode2 area51 1 gamemode4 sftdm 1

Why are there four modes? After some time, or getting some number of points (set in the file with the mode) the game will switch to the next mode in the order above sầu. If you don’t want them to change, vì chưng this:

gamemode0 freighter 1 gamemode1 freighter 1 gamemode2 freighter 1 gamemode4 freighter 1

This way, you can play in freighter mode continuously :-).

Weburl This is the VPS trang chủ page, on which is displayed information about the server. We ( have sầu - Weburl rcon_password changeme. This is the password for the hệ thống administrator. Change this as required. For example: rcon_password WinnieThePooh. You would then log in by typing /rnhỏ login WinnieThePooh in the game.

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