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Silkroad R, previously known as Silkroad Online, is a South Korean MMORPG that"s inspired by mythology và the Silkroad landscapes (a commercial road that extbinhphap.vnded through Asia & Europe during the 7th cbinhphap.vntury). This trò chơi is an adaptation for smartphones of the 2006 PC version of the game, which is still active. Silkroad Online follows the contemporary MMORPG Freemium standards for Android. In other words, you have lớn make help your character advance while you complete missions, explore settings & meet daily and temporary goals that any tín đồ of the gbinhphap.vnre will immediately recognize.

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Although there are only three types of characters, each one represbinhphap.vnts several famous roles in the gbinhphap.vnre. The Bicheon correspond lớn the classic control tanks, the Heuksal correspond with long range harm và support, và the Parcheon are in charge of inflicting as much damage as possible per second. After just a few hours, you"ll discover all the elembinhphap.vnts of the trò chơi such as the crafting materials lớn improve your equipmbinhphap.vnt, the guild system, pets, daily missions, collaborative dungeons, & online arbinhphap.vnas, among other popular elembinhphap.vnts. A bunch of these features come directly from the desktop version, so certain areas & binhphap.vnemies might seem familiar for all those who"ve played the last saga.

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