Skt 2017 skins update: leagueoflegends

The new phối of SKT T1 Worlds skins are now available! After releasing a mini-doc about the skin-making process, the skins have sầu been hyped up và many people are excited for them.

They each have extremely specialized recalls, as we’ve sầu seen in the past, but these are a little more extra than last year’s skin mix.

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All of the skins are at 1350 RPhường & have updated particles, models, sound effects (a late addition) & visual effects in addition khổng lồ their special recalls. These skins were also designed in direct partnership with SKT T1 the day after they won Worlds.

The whole phối is available for 8,420 RP (11,203 if you don’t own the champions).

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SKT T1 Ekko (Duke)


SKT T1 Zac (Blank)


SKT T1 Olaf (Bengi)


SKT T1 Syndra (Faker)


SKT T1 Jhin (Bang)


SKT T1 Nangươi (Wolf)


Ward skin (kkOma)

(It’s not a Teemo skin, but it’ll vị.)

You can kiểm tra out the special rehotline animations here — this year, Riot worked with SKT on them, & it was a pretty cool process. You can also check out Faker’s first pentakil with his new skin (he was pretty excited about it).

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25% of the proceeds from these skins will go directly to lớn SKT (including the players) and other LCK teams.

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