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REVIEW – It’s been a while since I’ve been acquainted with Soul Electronics. Baông chồng in 2013, I reviewed the (no longer made) Soul SL150CB headphone & found them khổng lồ be surprising in a good way. Forward khổng lồ 2019 and things have changed for Soul. They’ve sầu added a few true wireless earphones to lớn their mix of headphones, earphones và portable speakers. The question is if Soul can continue khổng lồ surprise with the new ST-XS2 true wireless earphone.

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What is it?

The Soul ST-XS2 true wireless earphones are an update lớn the popular ST-XS earphones—which I have not heard. They feature improved water/sweat proofing, double battery life, USB-C connectivity, ear hooks, Bluetooth không dây 5.0 và a transparency mode for the ability lớn hear surrounding sound.


Weight: 5gDimensions: 21W x 15H x 17D (mm)Bluetooth: 5.0Speaker diameter: 6mm Battery Life (Talk or Music time): Up to 5 hrs X 5 (Up khổng lồ 25 hours On-The-Go. Varies by volume màn chơi & content) Bluetooth Range: 33ft Driver Type: Dynamic

In the box

Ear tipsPortable charging caseUSB Type-C charging cableCarabinerErgonomic C-shaped ear hooks


Design and features

The Soul ST-XS2 true wireless earphones are small (of course), come in four colors: blaông xã, White, xanh, & pink, & are quite comfortable. Inserting and removing is quiông chồng and easy. Because of their comfort, they can be worn until the battery needs charging (about 5 hours) without issues. Soul sent me the trắng version which looks pretty classy, especially with its aluminum hình ảnh sản phẩm band embedded inlớn the lid of the case.


The case is relatively small—although larger than Apple’s AirPods case. It will charge the ST-XS2 earphones five sầu times equaling a total battery life of 25 hours. Not too shabby! There’s a single light on the case to indicate if it’s charging the earphones or not. Each earphone has a built-in light lớn indicate its individual charging status. Also, an iPhone will show how much battery life is left in its Batteries widget.

The case is made of a cheap-feeling plastic. It doesn’t feel as substantial in the hands as the Apple AirPods’ case. There’s a biểu tượng logo tag attached to the case’s exterior for attaching to a belt-loop or other similar chiến thắng with a supplied aluminum carabiner. 



The ST-XS2 earphones magnetically attach to lớn the interior of the case. This helps them snap into place for proper a charging connection & prevents them from falling out. The case charges via faster USB-C, which is quickly becoming the standard for charging.


Much of the comfort of the ST-XS2 earphones comes from included C-shaped ear hooks. These soft silicone hooks help the earphones stay in place making it almost impossible lớn shake loose from the ear. They come in two sizes plus one without the hook.


The ST-XS2 earphones are totally wireless. This simply means that there are NO wires, lượt thích some so-called wireless earphones that are connected khổng lồ each other by a … wire. Keep in mind that totally wireless earphones are much easier to lớn lose.

The ST-XS2 earphones have what Soul calls “Transparent Audio Mode.” This allows you to lớn hear outside noises while listening to music, making it safer khổng lồ walk on a busy street & still remain aware of your surroundings. cảnh báo that the ST-XS earphones are not noise canceling, so some exterior noise will always creep in, but transparent audio mode enhances that.

Bluetooth không dây connection is quichồng and roông chồng solid, but that’s not the cool part. What’s nice is that when pulled from the case and put in your ear, the ST-XS2 earphones connect faster than any other wireless earphone I’ve yet tried—with the exception of Apple’s own AirPods, which connect ridiculously fast. That’s impressive sầu from an earphone that strictly relies on công nghệ Bluetooth không dây.

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What’s not so impressive is phone hotline quality. People I talked with said it sounded like I was talking through a speakerphone. I was easily understood và I could hear the other buổi tiệc ngọt fine, it just didn’t sound natural. cảnh báo that I have sầu never had gọi unique as good as AirPods no matter how much the earphones or headphones cost.

If this sounds like I’m comparing the Soul ST-XS2 earphones lớn AirPods, I’m not. It’s just that—lượt thích it or not—AirPods are the de-fackhổng lồ standard for wireless iPhone users.


Another (somewhat) disappointment is audio quality. I say somewhat because it’s an ear tips issue. Even the largest ear tips supplied by Soul vì chưng not provide a seal that allows decent bass—and I don’t have a large ear canal. When listening lớn music, bass is seriously lacking in both tone and presence. I could only get enough bass when pressing and holding the ST-XS2 earphones deeper inkhổng lồ my ears. I imagine people with smaller ears won’t have this problem.


I fixed the problem by using some larger ear tips from my collection of various tips from previously reviewed earphones. However, I shouldn’t have sầu to vì that. The good news is that the ST-XS2 earphones will still charge in the case with my larger, borrowed tips. Why Soul doesn’t provide larger tips than they bởi vì is a mystery to lớn me.


With the borrowed tips, the ST-XS2 earphones sound quite good. Being able to lớn hear bass makes all the difference. The sound signature is “V” shaped. This means that bass and treble are slightly enhanced while the middle frequencies (where vocals lie) are slightly recessed. This aural setting is more commonly used for roông chồng & modern music, so most people should be quite pleased.

What I like

Most people will also be pleased with the price. True, the ST-XS2 earphones aren’t as convenient or as quick lớn connect as AirPods, but they cost much less. They also sound good, depending on that all-important bass seal.

What needs to be improved

Soul needs khổng lồ supply larger sizes of ear tips. 


Final thoughts

For the price, the Soul ST-XS2 earphones are a decent totally wireless contender in an overcrowded market. Add their ability to lớn connect almost as fast as Apple’s own AirPods and they become one of the best you can get—as long as the tips provide a proper fit.

Price: $99.99 US Where to lớn buy: Amazon Source: The sample for this hàng hóa was provided by Soul.

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