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Request was made for Eugeo và Alice tải về links. Thư mục is much smaller than Asuna & Kirito.

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Eugeo - Link

Alice - Link


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Was asked about uploading SAO Code Register story scenarios. It would take A LOT of time … & I don’t know how feasible of a project it would be but I would lượt thích to gauge interest.

If you have time, the following liên kết has a survey. Will leave the survey xuất hiện until further notice. Thank you for your time và feedback.

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Survey Status: OPEN

There were some recent requests submitted. The following links are of a temporary upload of Kirito’s & Asuna’s game art asset files. It has the majority of what was uploaded here. It also includes some art that were of lower rarity in the trò chơi system that were not uploaded here.

Sorry for the odd file naming - I had lớn rename everything when I was first doing this …


Asuna - Download

Kirito - Download


README.txt: Disclaimer và Terms of Use

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EDIT: Sorry fixed the links.

admin sao code register pw: twitter handle name personal use only please there is a double for some apparent reason that I don't remember about for Asuna... I want to learn ứng dụng development...but it looks so hard...
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Sorry for putting the following post off for so long … Hope it helps for browsing purposes.

admin sao code register should i post whatever else I find in the app android files? I don't know what else to vì chưng with this blog...
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Random thing of the day: At a out of town anime/manga store, so much SAO merchandise (*´ω`*)

random was fun lớn see figurines from the mobage
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Gallery - ギャラリー

For browsing your collection of characters with their audio clips.


admin sword art online sao code register can't figure out how to lớn decode the audio & music files ... Game mô tả tìm kiếm
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