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a game by Konami
Genres: Action, Arcade Classics, Shooting Games, Platformer
Editor Rating: 8.1/10, based on 6 nhận xét, 8 reviews are shown
User Rating: 8.4/10 - trăng tròn votes
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In the classic NES game, Contra, the evil alien Red Falnhỏ got blown out of town by Super Commandos Mad Dog và Scorpion. Now this nasty alien is baông chồng for revenge and stronger then ever. This time his sinister plan involves infiltrating the American Army with his villainous intergalactic warriors. Hey, who can stop this creepy alien menace?


Well, if you haven"t already guessed, it"s Mad Dog và Scorpion -- baông chồng on traông chồng & ready to lớn ground the Falnhỏ permanently. This time around you"ll have sầu to use many familiar weapons, including spread guns, lasers, flame throwers, và mega shells lớn stop the Falbé & his evil cronies. The game features horizontally scrolling, as well as overhead horizontal và vertical scrolling levels. And Konangươi has added three entirely new levels khổng lồ the five already familiar lớn arcade fans. This is one sequel you won"t want to lớn miss.


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System requirements: PC compatible Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP. P-200, 32 MB RAM

The game industry has been going svào for many decades now, & now it"s bigger than ever. But even though there are probably thousands of new games released each year, some titles remain as timeless classics. We tover lớn think of older games as simple and slow games, but Contra is not one of those. That"s Why Its sequel Super C, or Super Contra, is still relevant to this day.

From Pac-Man khổng lồ gọi of Duty, Pong khổng lồ The Witcher, Tetris khổng lồ The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, games are always evolving & changing. But there"s magic in the nostalgic feeling we get when playing one of the old classics. So, let"s talk a little about one of the most exciting classics, Super C.


About the game

The year is 2634, just one year after the sự kiện in the original Contra. Colonel Hal travels to South America khổng lồ exexinh tươi military maneuvers of the GX army. The Signal warns hyên ổn about the rebellion of the GX army for unknown reasons, & of course, the high command chooses Bill and Lance khổng lồ investigate.

When the two of them enter the ruins of the base they are immediately attacked by the rebel soldiers. It doesn"t take long for them khổng lồ realize that these soldiers" skin was xanh và their eyes were red. The evil alien race they destroyed in Galuga somehow mutated & now control the bodies of their brothers in arms.

Traveling through different locations and killing many aliens on the way. Bill and Lance took care of the dirty business first hand, with new and more powerful weapons. They are going through all this to get khổng lồ the cave where the evil alien leader is controlling everything.

Same as before?

The game looks pretty similar khổng lồ the first one, as it has the same graphic engine. The characters barely changed from the first game, and the sprites are pretty similar. But the graphics part is not the main thing about this game. Sure, it could not compete against games like Metroid, especially in character thiết kế. But it"s still one of the fan-favorite classics, it even keeps getting new releases và remakes.


Super C is one of the most action packing classics the NES has lớn offer. A full-tốc độ bullet-hell, tough experience, and hardcore gameplay. Super Contra varied scenery looked and played amazingly. While it is a tough title, the cooperative sầu mode is amazing, team up with someone else to shoot some aliens up và prove they should never mess with the Earth again.

Graphics và Visuals: The graphics were not amazing, but the visuals were pretty good. Nice sprites and animations, cool enemies & nice màn chơi kiến thiết. They even added different points of view for different levels, adding a top-down POV on some levels. It"s still playable và enjoyable even today, & that"s more than you can say from a bunch of other games of the same year.

Gameplay: The gameplay is intense, fast-paced and hardcore. Hundreds of bullets flying everywhere on screen. Dodge enemies" attacks coming from every direction while shooting them baông chồng & clearing each level. Action is everywhere in this title.

Sound: The sound effects are as basic as you"d expect, but the soundtrack is pretty good. An exciting, action-filled compilation of themes that complete the hardcore experience of the entire game.

Bill Alvord of Wellsville, Thủ đô New York, has found a way to lớn start a new game with your previous score & either the standard three men or the number of men you had left. Do these during the title screen after you have finished (defeated the final kết thúc boss) the game. To start with three men & your previous score, press A, B, START. To start with your previous score và men press B, A, START.

reggie posted a review
Overall rating: 9.5
Manufacturer: Konamày Machine: NES

In our July 1990 installment of Easter Egg Hunt, we incorrectly provided the tip for starting the game with ten men. The correct code, from the title screen, is R, L, D, U, A, B, then START. We apologize for the mistake.

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In reality, this is Super Contra, & the sequel is every bit as good (if not better) than the original. Based on the arcade title, Super C throws in new features và tons of explosive sầu combat action in both horizontal and vertical scrolling environments. Two-player options and quái thú fights with alien organisms help round out this intense shooter.

Undoubtedly one of the best video clip games shown at the CES was Super "C (or Super Contra) from Konangươi. From the spectacular new level of graphics detail khổng lồ the varied cast of enemy weapons and dangers, this game had us begging for more!

Continuing the theme from the original Contra, this one or two-play-er cooperative sầu contest not only features some of the best graphics ever packed inkhổng lồ a Nintenvày cart, it also has intense horizontal & verticle shooting action that blew away nearly every other NES game at the show! This is a blockbuster from beginning lớn kết thúc, that has the perfect combination of fast-moving battles, super graphics và animation, challenging Bosses, & explosive power-ups.

The eagerly anticipated sequel khổng lồ the original Contra game has finally arrived! Super C continues the adventures of the dynamic duo that removed the enemy terrorists in the first game.This time out, our heroes must contend with much more than a fanatical terrorist organization. Now, alien forces have sầu joined in & you must contend with mechanized spiders và other organisms, as well as tanks và helicopters. Power-ups can also be collected once again lớn help battle the evil forces!

Super C doesn"t represent a drastic change from the original, nor a totally unique entry inlớn the running/shooting library of games. The cart is executed extremely well, however, with graphics that are fantastically detailed & play that is intense. A good game supported by great features.

Konamày again comes up with a fantastic shooter. Not nội dung with just another sequel, Konangươi dives inkhổng lồ new chip công nghệ. The result is a game with unequaled graphics, sounds and spectacular game play. A truly outstanding shooting game in almost everyway.

One of my favorite arcade games has finally arrived for the NES! Captures the feel & play of the coin-op, và even adds three new levels! Mind-blowing graphics và sound as well as excellent game play make this one of the best shooters ever created for the Nintenvị system.

There"s no denying the fact that Super C is one of the best NES shooters to come along in some time. The graphics are beautiful, both in the fore and background. The available attack options are equally impressive sầu as are the Bosses that take up the entire screen. In a word - magnificent!

This arcade version of Super Contra (Super C) is the same as its forebearer. The main difference was in it"s versatility. While the original Contra game had 3 versions of game play (side-scrolling, up-scrolling, và pseudo-first-person), Super C added a top-view perspective. As a result of this & changes lớn the enemy forces, it was a more difficult game lớn master.

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This version changed the game"s futuristic setting to lớn a contemporary one, although the premise of Bill và Lance fighting against their former comrades-in-arms remained more or less the same.

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