Fairy tail fighting apk download for android & ios


Now New Fairy Tail Fighting Apk tải về for Android và iOS. It’s available in beta version and in progress in testing. Fairly Tail fans get ready to lớn play this new A RPG smartphone game. Today we are going lớn introduce about this new Fairy Tail Fighting Game. If you want to know more information about so stay with us till the end.

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In Fairy Tail Fighting ARPG 3 chiều 妖精的尾巴:激斗(测试服), you will be playing as your favorite characters in a fighting trò chơi using a card battle system. Your goal in the trò chơi is to lớn destroy the enemy’s gate before he destroys yours. Once you land successful attacks, your health will increase và the game will continue.

If you’re able khổng lồ meet the requirements for each character, your job will be completed & you can move on to lớn the next level. Each character has their own chất lượng fighting style so it’s up to you khổng lồ discover how best to play them! The trò chơi features three different difficulties which are Beginner, Novice, & Advanced.

You can use different skills and spells during battle, however, if you manage lớn collect enough Runes in the battlefield, you can use them against the enemy và perform combos to giảm giá more damage.

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“Fairy Tail: Fighting” demo server is off the shelf notice Dear Mages: Thank you very much for your enthusiasm. The number of participants in this kiểm tra has far exceeded our expectations. On the one hand, because the hàng hóa is still under development.

On the other hand, we decided that the guild gate of this test server will be closed at 16:00 on September 16th. After the guild gate is closed, the new wizards will not be able to be in TapTap. Download the game package, I hope you all understand. But Sorcerers who have not uninstalled the trò chơi pack can continue khổng lồ play in the guild.

In order to lớn protect the game experience of the Magus adults who have been downloaded to participate in the test.

We will follow up:

The thử nghiệm server server will be shut down at 18:00 on September 23, 2021. Among them, after the vps is closed, all tài khoản data & character data (including but not limited to lớn characters, diamonds, & props) in the trò chơi will be cleared.

Finally, I would lượt thích to thank all the wizards once again for their love of “Fairy Tail: Fierce Fighting”. If you encounter any problems in this test, you can go to lớn the “Guild Abnormal Information Collection Station”

How To tải về Fairy Tail Fighting Apk

The download link of Fairy Tail Fighting game android is given below.Click on the download button then you will see the Tap Tap Official page where you can download the Fairy Tail Fighting game android Game. After tải về now you can start play. If you see Coming Soon written instead of tải về button then you have khổng lồ wait for next beta testing of this game.

Requirements & Additional Information

NameFairy Tail Fighting Apk
PlatformAndroid & iOS
Genre3D ARPG
Android9 or 10
ProcessorSnapdragon 600MB
Online / OfflineOnline
Fairy Tail: Fighting Apk

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