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New Student Orientation at binhphap.vn is the beginning of life as a Lobo. New lobos admitted for Summer or Fall 2022 classes can sign up for NSO now.

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Scientists find greenhouse gas warming likely cause of industrial-era sea level rise

International collaboration highlights significant findings in climate change study


PAÍS Visualization Lab brings big data lớn life

New lab provides cutting-edge resource for large-scale visualizations


Abrianna Morales named 2022 Truman Scholar

Premier graduate scholarship for aspiring public service leaders in the United States


Researchers discover first evidence indicating dinosaur respiratory infection

A group of researchers from around the country discovered the first evidence of a unique respiratory infection in the fossilized remains of a dinosaur that lived nearly 150 million years ago.


White House recognizes binhphap.vn School of Law for eviction crisis response

Law schools across US mobilize lớn serve more 10,000 households during pandemic

Find Your Degree

Explore thousands of paths lớn hundreds of degrees that lead lớn countless career possibilities.

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Individuals Together

That’s the way we see us. We’re a community of quality perspectives embracing divergence – unafraid to lớn let our colors run và blend – letting the very things that divide us become the things that connect us lớn each other. What makes us different makes us strong – và a force to lớn be reckoned with.

New Mexico EPSCoR, binhphap.vn collaborate on a $10 million grant khổng lồ advance Native American STEM Education

Aug 11, 2022

School of Engineering summer program hits the rails to lớn attract middle và high schoolers khổng lồ STEM

Aug 6, 2022

Nuclear engineering faculty awarded part of $61 million in funding from Department of Energy

Jun 28, 2022

Live & learn in a historic thành phố on an expansive mesa a mile above sea level. A thành phố that’s simultaneously cosmopolitan & soulful, urban và rural, & brimming with light và possibilities. This is Albuquerque. A friendly place just around the corner from ordinary, on land bisected by historic Route 66 và the great Rio Grande river, a stone’s throw from the monumental Sandia Mountains. Named for their sunset crimson hue—“sandia” is the Spanish word for “watermelon”—they appear khổng lồ leap out of the landscape lớn the east, và serve as an awe-inspiring example of the kind of wild, natural beauty that wraps around everything here & rushes off in every direction throughout the state. You’ll see.


© The University of New Mexico Albuquerque, NM 87131, (505) 277-0111 New Mexico"s Flagship University

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