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It"s 17:20 right now, with light rain và the temperature of 24.93°C (76.874°F) in Ho chi Minh City.

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75 Pasteur, Bến Nghé, Quận 1, tp.hcm 700000, Vietnam


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4.20 (376 reviews)

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5Corey S. 1 year ago We got the Rock Labsta Melt, blue Buffalo Mac, AllTheCheese Mac, & a brownie. Everything was very good & flavorful. The atmosphere is welcoming and relaxing. The staff was very friendly & helped recommend what lớn get as this was our first time here. We look forward lớn coming back again soon.
5Desmond Foo (. 3 years ago The perfect french restuarant you have khổng lồ visit when you are in HCM.The waitress is very patient & will explain to lớn you what the special day dish they are serving. I order the homemade cassoulet which will make me very happy. I think it is good for 2 people khổng lồ enjoy this dish. Enjoy the french atmosphere at the restuarant. We had a good dinner time at there.
5Yulong W. 4 years ago Great dinning experience, the manager và waitress were friendly, và more importantly the dishes we tried were amazing.Highly recommend foie gras & duck breast. Prices were reasonable.
5Ching Hsuan L. 3 years ago Nice food và wine. Love the relaxing and friendly atmosphere here. Must try the special menu, the homemade pasta is real good.

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5Rebecca Hung (. 3 years ago It is lucky to lớn get a table without reservation. I think it is a must visit restaurant if you want to enjoy lovely foods under a nice atmosphere.
4Quan N. 4 years ago Tasty French bistro food. Some nicr trang chủ cooked stews. Nice affordable wines. Small và casual. It's on the second floor sometimes hard to find. What makes it even better is the price is extremely reasonable for this quality and executions.
4Huy Lê Q. 2 years ago Very nice phối lunch at 200kVND, which I got cold pumkin soup, complementary bread (without butter :( ), medium rare beefsteak with french fried + salad và finished with chocolate mousse. I added in 1 glass of house red wine khổng lồ enjoy with the beef. Will comeback for others meals
3koala b. 2 years ago Their Xmas Eve course is anything but reasonable price. Food is well done but I feel that the Xmas thực đơn set is very overpriced. Maybe it's just for Xmas eve. I suggest coming just for lunch as I heard the price is much better. My receipt is price for 2 with one glass of wine.

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